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  1. Bucktail

    A few birds

    Like a switch got turned on today. Hens and strutters in every field around the house. Sure gets me fired up and looking forward to season.
  2. Bucktail

    Starting to get good

    The smallmouth were hungry and aggressive today. Their bellies are fat with eggs and it is fixing to get good in the creeks. Plan is to hit the lake next Saturday for some crappie action if weather plays out.
  3. Bucktail

    Hit the creek again

    Finally got into some spotted bass. The smallmouth were hitting the Ned rig and the spots were hitting a small swim bait. Love the fight in those creek spots. My buddy is swapping boats and he should have his new one by next weekend so the plan is to get back on the crappie. Love fishing this...
  4. Bucktail

    Crappie fishing

    He said in video he was using 2# line. Just curious what everyone likes to use. I use 4# mostly.
  5. Bucktail

    Crappie fishing

    We have caught most of ours on minnows. We have caught a few on jigs but minnows seem most consistent for us.
  6. Bucktail

    Crappie fishing

    We have been catching them in 12’ to 15’ around tree tops. We get hung up a lot but it is worth it!
  7. Bucktail

    Crappie fishing

    Me and a buddy went to the lake today for a few hours. We didn’t get a ton of bites but they were good size when you did.
  8. Bucktail

    Creek action

    I thought I would go try it this morning with the chance of rain moving in later. The bite was tough but when you got a bite they were this size and they thumped it hard. I love how hard these creek smallmouth fight.
  9. Bucktail

    Christmas Tradition

    For the last several years it has been a tradition on my Christmas vacation to hit the creek for some smallmouth. It was slow today but managed six with these two the average size. Nothing big but man they fight like a four pounder. It should get really good after Christmas.
  10. Bucktail

    Centerpoint sniper 370 crossbow for sale

    Where are you located?
  11. Bucktail

    G5 Dead meat

    Yeah that will work!!!
  12. Bucktail

    G5 Dead meat

    I have been thinking about trying these. Was curious if anyone has any thoughts on them. Broadheads have gotten costly!!!
  13. Bucktail

    Am I the only one…

    Yeah shooting house with recliner I could go for this!
  14. Bucktail

    Am I the only one…

    That will need a chiropractor when season is over? The older I get these long hours in the stand make it rough on my back. I know the perfect remedy for this would be to get a shot on one early but that never happens. It just shows the passion we have for deer hunting because I wouldn’t have it...
  15. Bucktail

    First for me

    I have been hunting for 35+ years and saw a buck breed a doe for the first time this afternoon. I watched him bedded up with her for probably two hours and right at last light she got on her feet and he was on her. He is a mature buck for sure. Will he stay locked down with her or is he done...
  16. Bucktail

    Good Day

    Percy Priest Lake in middle TN. My buddy has fished this lake quite a bit and has several spots marked. Hope to go again before the weather really start’s changing…actually this upcoming week looks like a pretty good cold front.
  17. Bucktail

    Good Day

    Me and my buddy had a pretty good day yesterday. We had to grind it all day and hit several spots but managed a good stringer. Caught them in 15 to 20 foot on brush/stumps on minnows.
  18. Bucktail

    Creek wading

    The fire has not hit me yet to climb in the stand yet this season. So I went this afternoon and waded the creek for a couple of hours. I did catch six small bass but just fishing on a beautiful day felt great.
  19. Bucktail

    Mathews VXR 28

    Mathews vxr 28 in Realtree edge camo,60 pound mods,29 inch draw. Fully rigged with all Mathews components. Golden tip arrows,nice plano case,tru fire release,assortment of braodheads $1600 text for pictures if interested 615-906-8587
  20. Bucktail

    Snow day sighting

    Looked out the window and watched them chase and harass each other for thirty minutes. Maybe just to stay warm!! I have started to see them more the last few weeks but didn’t expect it today.

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