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  1. Trophyspike

    Aging deer in cooler and mold

    The mold on food for me stops @ blue cheese.
  2. Trophyspike

    Age this buck 12/17/22

    2.5 years old.
  3. Trophyspike

    Redneck blind review

    Curious as to what the deer are eating in the field pic?
  4. Trophyspike

    Virginia Buck

    Interesting. After looking at it again, you may have a good point by the time this all plays out. We'll see.
  5. Trophyspike

    Need Your Opinions

    Anyone have issues facing your cameras south, facing the sun?
  6. Trophyspike

    Need Your Opinions

    Where have you guys purchased lithium batteries for the Tactacam?
  7. Trophyspike

    Need Your Opinions

    Need a new cell cams on farm. Going to try the cell cams this time round. Who has best reception and user friendly? What do you currently?
  8. Trophyspike

    New ones showings up

    Stud bucks!!!! How do you like the Moultrie Edge cam? Use any cameras besides the Moultrie?
  9. Trophyspike

    November 17th Roll Call

    Saw Blanton'$ in Florida average price over $200. Couldn't believe it. Nice find!!
  10. Trophyspike

    Gone to be chilly

    Temps dropping this weekend. Whats the general consensus of the board on movement when we hit the teens for morning lows in relation to movement?
  11. Trophyspike


    I'm in the group who didn't see much. Even the squirrels have dissapeared.
  12. Trophyspike

    What is the one thing your deer hunting lane lacks the most? Cover, oaks, water, etc?

    I lack all things mentioned when I'm at work. Water would be my answer tho.
  13. Trophyspike

    That’s a wrap!

    Need more dad's like you. Great job.
  14. Trophyspike

    Ever seen this

    Needs to be sent off for testing. Report back if you guys find out what it is for sure.
  15. Trophyspike

    A REAL Deer Hunter

    Looks like shotgun rounds in front shirt pocket
  16. Trophyspike

    Deer Blowing

    Stay put and let things calm down.
  17. Trophyspike

    Oily substance coming out of hide.

    Get it out of the basement and mount for all to enjoy (in the AC).
  18. Trophyspike

    Absolutely sickening!

    Need his picture to post on Twitter of his crime. Anyone posting a legally harvested animal on social media gets crucified. Imagine what the outcry would be with this story. Lol
  19. Trophyspike

    Neat Trail Cam Catch

    Congrats. At first when I saw the two individuals in the photo, I thought to myself " geesh, another trespass photo capture of poachers".
  20. Trophyspike

    Best KY County

    The county that you can find the best neighbors that practice similar management practices. Remember, good buck counties will have terrible locations littered throughout. The state I have found the least issues in, and best large management practices, are in Kansas.