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    Trout fishing hatchery creek

    Orange power bait salmon eggs, works every time, they hit like a crappie
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    Bull Elk Poached

    Ask in getting from that link is an add
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    243 owners

    I love mine, rural king and a few gun shops around here usually have ammo
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    Big Bobcat down!

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    Long haired beagle

    I used to have an old long hair dog that was colored like a beagal named "Shep" that was the best rabbit dog I ever saw
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    Biggest deer you’ve ever seen on the hoof?

    My opening week bow kill this year was 260# on the hoof with very nice 12 point rack
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    Campgrounds open year round

    Four season campers are pretty well insulated, our 2020 Coleman started comfy in sub zero.
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    Roll Call

    I'm in
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    Check your nocks, if it is slightly off the string will jump, check every bolt, every shot . I learned the hard way
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    Here We Go Again (22-23)

    What do y'all do with those geese? I think they are nasty to eat, too black
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    I have found that the main cause of crossbow failures are because the nock is misaligned, if the nock is off any at all the string will jump just like a dry fire
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    Is anyone hunting?

    220# at the butcher, he guessed it to be about 260#
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    2022-23 deer harvest photos

    Here is my opening week buck, 260# 12+1 points (one point is small) my best yet . 2020 I arrowed a big full velvet nine and thought it would be my best so I had him mounted, 2018 I harvested my most perfect 8 so I had him mounted . God has been good
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    Is anyone hunting?

    I'm with you on that, there are at least three more shooters on my place and I filled my buck tag opening week with a 260# 13 pointer
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    Campgrounds open year round

    Look me up on face book, maybe we could caravan some where
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    Is anyone hunting?

    I got my all time best buck this year opening week with my bow, 260# 13 pointer, wish I could post pics but it keeps telling me the file is too big and I'm not tech savvy nuff to figger out how to fix it, but he sure was a beast and made a beautiful mount
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    Redneck blind review

    I built a very comfy 8x8x8 for about $800, it's 10' up, been standing for 11 years now and had had many deer taken from it
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    Rumor bunch of COs quit?????

    Very Cool occupation, very dangerous occupation as well
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    Dogs Chasing Deer

    IMO did need to be under control, too many times have drop offs killed my free range chickens , don't get me wrong, I'm an animal lover, rescued many animals from canines, horses and felines but if an animal is on my property then it belongs to me and I don't need any more than my two dogs...