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  1. raven_over_easy

    Big bull

    That's a 10 year old bull... at least! Dandy! Congrats to the hunter!
  2. raven_over_easy

    bull opener

    Keep after em! You may still kill that bull!
  3. raven_over_easy

    At long last finally connected with my ky trophy

    Congrats on a dandy bull! I'm glad everything worked out for you.
  4. raven_over_easy

    Cow down

  5. raven_over_easy

    Hazard Lea

    Pm sent to you
  6. raven_over_easy

    Another Land Dispute - Need some help please

    Drop a pin on both new stand locations in hunt stand. Drop markers on both of the survey pins draw a line to connect the pins. You will be able to tell if the stands are on your property.
  7. raven_over_easy

    Archery Bull hunt!! Tagged OUT!!Opening day

    Dandy bull!! Congrats!
  8. raven_over_easy

    Big 10pt down!!

    Dandy buck! Congrats buddy!
  9. raven_over_easy

    My dad filled his bull tag today!!

    Congrats!!!! Nice bull!
  10. raven_over_easy

    Successfully filled archery cow tag!

    Crossbow: Oct. 18-19, Nov. 8 - Dec. 12 and Dec. 27-31, 2014
  11. raven_over_easy

    Mothers first Elk

    Congrats to you and your mom!!! That's going to be some fine eating!
  12. raven_over_easy

    Christmas came early

    Dandy!!! Congrats!
  13. raven_over_easy

    Land of 1000 elk.

    LoL ...... Center punched!
  14. raven_over_easy

    Roll call for Monday 11/3

    Seen 2 does
  15. raven_over_easy

    nov.8 weapon choice?

    A sharp stick!
  16. raven_over_easy

    Is hunting without a harness like swimming without a life jacket?

    As important as it is to wear a harness when your hunting from a tree stand it is equally important to have a plan should you fall and and find yourself just hanging there. Let some one know where you are going to hunt and what time you plan on returning. Keep your cell phone and a knife in easy...
  17. raven_over_easy

    Grayson co deer hunting?

    Looking for information about the quality and quantity of deer in the Millerstown area in Grayson co. I recently got permission to hunt a farm in the area near the river.
  18. raven_over_easy

    My poor old chair blind

    The only thing missing is Christmas lights!
  19. raven_over_easy

    To call or not to call?????

    I rattled in a 2 year old 7 pointer opening weekend.

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