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  1. Kydeerhunter03

    2014 turkey harvest pic thread

    Opening day me and my husband doubled. Set up on this bird right at daylight gobbling his head off. I did a few soft yelps and a good ol hat flap and Flew down from the roost and strutted 70 yards right into the decoys. My opening day bird. Wouldnt come down the hil but was facing away from us...
  2. Kydeerhunter03

    Turkey population decline

    ive noticed a decline for sure. one farm i hunt in kenton county is usually infested with mature birds. went this year and not a single gobble on that property or any of the surrounding properties all morning. weirdest thing
  3. Kydeerhunter03

    Shed Hunt Update / 1-28-14

    Found this one today, first time out this year.
  4. Kydeerhunter03

    How many Game Wardens are in each county?

    I live in Grant and it seems like every game warden from the surrounding counties like to hang out at Lloyds wildlife area and patrol the heck out of it.....yesterday I seen 6 Game warden trucks there and there was one there almost every day during rifle season. It gets on my nerves.... they...
  5. Kydeerhunter03

    let down by a hunting buddy

    I shot a buck this year that I would never think of shooting.... a small 1.5 yr old 4 point to be exact. But I am 8 months pregnant and the hunt was so fun and memorable that I decided to take him anyway. People lose track of what hunting is about and are so absorbed by the TV hunters and what...
  6. Kydeerhunter03

    The lawbreaker thread

    I had an incident opening day that kept me from hunting that farm on the weekends all of rifle season. 1. Received permission from a friend to hunt his farm about 4 weeks before rifle....we went and scouted and every single fence line had a treestand from the bordering farm. (No big deal right...
  7. Kydeerhunter03

    Shot a doe but can't find. Help please

    I shot a doe a few weeks ago and hit her right behind the shoulder a little high. She dropped to the ground and I waited until i thought she had expired....well as soon as i walked up to her she was still alive and well. Took another shot to finish her. After skinning and field dressing her...
  8. Kydeerhunter03

    7 Minute Hunt

    dang must be nice! lol congrats on a nice buck!
  9. Kydeerhunter03

    First archery deer!

    you can still kill does with a gun right?????? ;)
  10. Kydeerhunter03

    Youth season ticks me off!!

    So whats holding you back from taking your kids during rifle season????? Its not like kids can ONLY hunt during youth weekend.....
  11. Kydeerhunter03

    NR tags/license cost to increase next year

    They are raising a lot of prices next year. The elk Tags are going from $30 to $100, deer permits are going from $30 to $35, and a few other things. Heres the link:
  12. Kydeerhunter03

    Rack Em Back Bow Mags

    They look cool but I doubt they would be legal for deer lol I seen on their website they are mainly used for hogs.
  13. Kydeerhunter03

    Doe management

    I shoot any age doe, i aint picky lol I think shooting younger does is better becuase the older doe normally have more knowledge in raising a healthier fawn, usually have twin fawns, and come into heat normal times, oh and they taste good :)
  14. Kydeerhunter03

    Done with Rage

    I shoot Muzzy 3 Blades and I have never had problems with blood trails, its all about shot placement. I shot my doe yesterday and the blood trail was constant the whole 70 yards we tracked her through a field. We watched her drop but wanted to track her for fun.
  15. Kydeerhunter03

    The story of Slob

    Heck of deer, looks like a older buck for sure. Congrats!!!
  16. Kydeerhunter03

    2013-2014 Deer harvest photos

    Sept. 15, 9:50AM...quartering away hard. Recovery 70 yards
  17. Kydeerhunter03

    Bushnell Trophy Cam HD

    I like my bushnells but i have 1 thats not even 3 years old that quit working this summer. Had a scare with my HD cam after it wouldnt turn on after replacing the batteries.....thought it was dead too. From now on though I will only buy covert....good cams and worth the price!
  18. Kydeerhunter03

    How wide? Pic not to hot!!

    This buck had a 22 outside spread exactly....i would say around 20-21 outside.
  19. Kydeerhunter03

    At what age?

    I think legally they cant hunt alone until they are 16 here in KY, unless its changed.

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