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  1. Snareman2

    Not How I Wanted To End Todays Hunt

    Sandhill Craning this year, big black angus wanted his field and herd to himself. He bellowed, pawed, and was crazy eyed afew times. He had my attention every time he got close. He hadn’t been that way before, something was up with him this year. As a kid, I got knocked over the fence at the...
  2. Snareman2

    Last years buck

    Good Job, Sweet!
  3. Snareman2

    Tree rubs in March

    I’ve been hiking this weekend, found one shed from last year, and two deadheads. No new sheds, and I covered some ground.
  4. Snareman2

    Trail Camera Cellular

    How much does it cost for the cellular service with Moultrie? They just sent me an offer for 30% off via their website puchase (camera issue out of warranty). I run two Tactacams for $216 service (I think). It’s whatever the unlimited photo plan they have. Thanks, Snareman2
  5. Snareman2

    FS/T: Jeep Liberty 2005 | Louisville

    Sent a link to my Brother, he is a Jeep Guru.
  6. Snareman2

    The one that got away

    I started dabbling in stocks, not quite a Day Trader, but messing with it every day. I was playing with penny stocks. Bought one, it would go up, I would sell it. After watching for awhile, I bought several thousand shares, it would go up and down, up and down, up and down. Doing what stocks...
  7. Snareman2

    Old Giant Kentucky Buck

    I get mailing from him every now and then. I haven’t bumped into him for years!
  8. Snareman2

    Strip Mine??

    I’ve had better luck turkey hunting strip mine ground than deer hunting.
  9. Snareman2

    New Bait / salt lick/mineral Ban for KY

    With the leaves off, corn piles would stick out like a sore thumb. Like shooting off fireworks, can’t hide it!
  10. Snareman2

    DPs working,14 days......23 coons

    If your bait is gone in the DPs, it’s from mice. Get some golf balls, bait, place the golf ball over the top. The coons will still smell the bait, knock the ball off and get caught. The mice are to small to push the golf ball off. That little trick always worked for me, especially around old...
  11. Snareman2

    Last run

    Thanks for thinning out the coons, the Turkeys thank you too. Regarding skinning out the tails, buy a tail puller or two nails will work too (put one nail on each side of the base of the tail, pinch together, hold, and give a steady downward pull.
  12. Snareman2

    5yr old ....

    Nice, reminds me of a deer pic with my oldest Son when he was probably around two, he has his head down on the deer while he is petting it.
  13. Snareman2

    Average age of members here

    52 - lol, I’ve been on here since February 25th, 2007.
  14. Snareman2

    New Bait / salt lick/mineral Ban for KY

    I’m adding another acre of food plots to my farm this year. I’m surrounded by woods, no agriculture. I like putting out ear corn to check the deer inventory. I run a lot of cameras. I can tell you, not all bucks come to the corn.
  15. Snareman2

    Got my New Mexico antelope back from the taxidermist.

    Nice! Congratulations!
  16. Snareman2


    At night, as soon as I put my CPAC cushions on, it’s lights out! BG, if they get you on one, you’ll get good sleep.
  17. Snareman2


    Like others said, get checked for sleep apnea. I thought I was sleeping, but it wasn’t good sleep. I would sit down to watch tv and fall asleep. Now, I get good sleep. I’m not tired anymore and don’t take naps (probably couldn’t if I wanted too).
  18. Snareman2

    Quit smoking much?

    You can do it! I chewed & dipped for twenty years. I first quit buying it, that only made me a Bum (started bumming dips off friends). My first Son was born twenty-one years ago and my Sister was going through cancer treatment. I realized I had to quit, not just for myself, but for my...
  19. Snareman2

    Record 6 point

    Super nice! Beautiful!
  20. Snareman2

    Winner venison recipe, wife approved(that rarely happens)

    I’ve been eating it all week for lunch. Mine started with a deer neck roast, after the meat broke down, I deboned and added the onion, carrots, celery & potatoes. Excellent roast!

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