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    What is the Current Price Range on Deer Lease in Central Kentucky?

    He wants $18,000 and previous leasee was running it as a deer guided hunt pay situation. So no stands, but had been a quality deer managed area. At $30 an acre I guess its not a bad deal.
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    What is the Current Price Range on Deer Lease in Central Kentucky?

    I got an opportunity to lease 600 acres in Central Kentucky and I was wondering what a fair price per acre is? It appears prime habitat with decent access and has not been hunted very hard the past 6 years. The family wants to lease to responsible individuals, a maximum of 5 hunters...
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    Portable Corn Spreader.....anyone using in them in Kentucky?

    I deer and hog hunt in Texas once or twice a year. All of my hunts there are out of large box blinds overlooking permanent corn and protein feeders. Before every hunt, a portable Corn Speader mounted on the tailgate of side by side, spreads maybe 10 to 15 pounds of corn around the feeders...
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    "Dog Killed a Doe" Please Help Settle an Argument

    No, not in Kentucky, in my opinion. "dog" or "dogs" are not listed as legal means of harvesting deer. This was not in Kentucky. I appreciate the replies and it reenforces my contention a bs story.
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    "Dog Killed a Doe" Please Help Settle an Argument

    I could not see bullet hole in the picture texted to me. The part of the story that was not told was the details of how the dog caught/killed the doe. All he said was "(dog's name)'s first deer". The Doberman probably weighs 70 lbs. I say the doe would have used her hooves and punched...
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    "Dog Killed a Doe" Please Help Settle an Argument

    I am calling this BS. A relative of mine(no deer hunting experience) says son-in-law's Doberman Dog quote "got his first Deer" on his rural property. I don't believe it. Sent me a texted picture of a decent sized doe I would estimate was 100 lbs. or a little more live weight hanging in...
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    Check out this guy

    I kinda figured he was sick, too.....he just does not look old.
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    New Deer rifle sighted in, anybody good with groups?

    Your S&W Model "B" was made by Husqvarna, and is highly regarded as a fine rifle in all aspects. I can't comment on the Fajen stock on it. To manufacture a new Swiss K31 today, assuming you already had design and machine costs paid for, my guess would be around $1500 tp $2000 per rifle...
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    Hogs In Henry County?

    Thank you. Lockport would be about 8 miles by way the crow flies from me. I have been told it is just a matter of time before I get a visit from hogs. With food plots and corn feeders, I hope it takes a LONG time before they show up to wreck all of my work. They taste wonderful, but it...
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    Hogs In Henry County?

    I own a small tract of land in Henry County below Turner's Station. I had read/heard there were hogs sighted in Henry County in past deer seasons. Has anyone heard anything about hogs there this year? I want to tell my guest hunters what to expect and what to do if they see any.....shoot them...

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