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  1. Buzz151

    'Lil Chainsar Carvin!

    Great work!
  2. Buzz151

    This made my blood boil

    I believe there is more to this story than what is presented. This woman went to a different hospital the day before and was discharged after being diagnosed with constipation. Then she at this hospital the next day. In the video, she first complains of a "shattered" ankle but later asks for...
  3. Buzz151

    Family heirloom

    That’s awesome! I have the same gun purchased by my grandfather in 1952.
  4. Buzz151

    Steven Crowder or Ben Shapiro

    Seems Crowder on the wrong side of this one. Not a good look for him to me.
  5. Buzz151

    Gray Ghost

    Nice one, congrats!
  6. Buzz151

    Scored on a stud 8pt

    Nice one!
  7. Buzz151

    Better Call Saul

    Great show!
  8. Buzz151

    Active shooter in Allen Ky (Floyd Co)

    I am so sorry to hear this.
  9. Buzz151

    2021 buck back for the wall

  10. Buzz151

    Browning x Bolt

    Very nice!
  11. Buzz151

    Kentucky derby

    Thats great! Unfortunately for me, I didn't bet the race but,,,, I had a friend (who was at the Track with Eric on Saturday) bet $200 across the board!:oops:
  12. Buzz151

    Kentucky derby

    I didnt have $ on him but I have never been more excited over a sporting event in my life! Congrats to Eric, a well deserved win.
  13. Buzz151

    Kentucky derby

    Congrats to you!
  14. Buzz151

    Kentucky derby

    Can't help with who to bet on but here is one to cheer for, Strike Rich, trained by Eric Reed. He's a friend and fellow hunter, even does some hunting videos on youtube. Check out the story of how he made it into his 1st Derby at the 11th hour! Go get em' Eric...
  15. Buzz151

    Me and The Grandson

    Best of times, making memories, congrats on the bird!
  16. Buzz151

    #2 is my biggest bird to date and he made me work for it.

    Awesome bird, head the size of a softball!
  17. Buzz151

    You've got to be ******** me!! A TAX HIKE??

    Yep, I have been pissed about this for years..... There is a lot of welfare hidden in the tax code and it doesn't show up in a budget anywhere. You cant be "refunded" more than you paid in, anything above that is welfare by definition.
  18. Buzz151

    The Oscar slap we missed last night

    I say if Chris Rock looked like "The Rock", sissy little Will Smith wouldn't have said a word or left his chair.... Good actor but you can't be a cuckhold and then act like a tough guy against little Chris.
  19. Buzz151

    New boom stick!

    Great birthday gift!
  20. Buzz151

    Found the match!

    That is a heck of rack! 😳 Good luck on him next year.