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    Weekend pictures..(something to get ya going)

    Awesome pics!!! Looks like you have great spot for opening morning!

    Getting gear ready, suggestion....

    I have both a vest with seat (Cadilac) and a waist fanny pack (Porche). The waist pack seems to go out with me more than the vest, I use an "air saddle" seat cushion with it, when it's time to run and gun, I want to be ready to go. Heat never seemed to be bothersome with the vest, I just like...

    First time for turkey hunting

    You're going to be hooked for life! Kentucky is one of the best places to hunt turkeys in the spring. Hopefully you are hunting with an experienced turkey hunter your first time, there is a lot to learn. My movement has busted more hunts than I care to say-stay still-get a comfortable seat. I am...

    What to expect in Fla.

    I have found Florida public land hunting a little tough :mad:-all kinds of traffic. Therma cell!!! YES!!! Bring a center fire rifle, if you are at the end of your hunt you may want to bring it out.:D Look into private land if possible. Good Luck!

    Shopping List & Tips Needed for 1st Time Father/Daughter Turkey Hunt

    You have gotten some great advice here, turkey hunting is a blast. Don't forget a camera! When I first started turkey hunting my list was alot shorter than it is now, back then I used- camo from head to toe, inflatable seat, 1 box call, a flashlight, crow call, a foam hen and jake decoy and a...

    All day hunting?

    Spring Turkey hunting only comes once a year...I get out early, mid day and often. Took a Boss Tom last year at 3:00pm in the cold rain, some years I'm lucky enough to take one off the roost, 9:00am through noon is also a productive time for me. Evening hunts are tough for me personally, so I...

    Rifle Bull Season In The Books....

    You are the BEST Sam! I'll always remember the AWESOME hunt we had last year. Congrats to you and all of your hunters this year.

    My son's big 6x6

    Congrats!!!! Great photo and a GREAT bull!

    first morning bull 6x6

    Congtrats!! You'll be reliving that hunt for a long time!

    Before and After

    Congrats, He looks awesome. I just got mine back (no pics yet). Man they take up alot of wall space!:D

    A DEAL on facemasks and gloves..

    Thanks, great deal! Gotta s t r e t c h my $$$.

    Homemade Gobbler Decoy

    That is by far the BEST one I've seen, Great job! My video didn't have sound...does it spit and drum too? I agree patent and sell.

    Public vs Private land.....

    I'm fortunate to have permission for some private land in Falmouth and Dry Ridge, I love it. I tried a public do it yourself hunt in Florida without much success, alot of traffic came through, most weren't hunters. This year I'm trying for a private land hunt in Fl. but a do it yourselfer. Wish...

    Locator calls which works better

    I use my crow call with the most success, the farms I hunt are private which enables me to also use a jake gobble sparingly with good results. Maybe my owl hoots are just that a "hoot" because I can't get a response. Good luck this year.

    Total Cost OR Average Cost Of A KY Elk Hunt

    unofficial "320"

    Total Cost OR Average Cost Of A KY Elk Hunt

    Even though I had a guide it was still a hunt. Those "mountains" are almost straight up, my legs burned for 5 days. I hunted puplic land with some good amount of pressure in EHU 3. The weather was hot and the bulls were not bugling much. The only nice bull we saw was on the 5th night, I shot him...

    Total Cost OR Average Cost Of A KY Elk Hunt

    My hunt last year cost about 2,600 all inclusive. One on one guide, tip, lodging, processing, field dressing and transport, meals, gas, mount. Memories priceless. I shot a nice 6x6 on the 5th day of the rifle hunt. Good Luck.

    Thanks Raven, Sorry so long getting back to you. The mount should be ready by Christmas, what a...

    Thanks Raven, Sorry so long getting back to you. The mount should be ready by Christmas, what a nice present that will be! Wasn't that sunset perfect?

    Nice Bull...

    Sam, Thanks for a Great Hunt. Your team at Elk Country Outfitters are the Best! Please thank them all for me. Alan