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  1. TheMainEvent

    Quickest Hunt Ever Video

    So I posted a story a few weeks ago about my quickest hunt ever on opening day. I finally got the video done. Enjoy.
  2. TheMainEvent

    Really strong harvest numbers for first 5.5 days this spring

    According to F&W, 2 years ago may have been the best hatch since the banner years of the early to mid 20 teens.
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    Quickest Hunt I’ve Ever Had

    Opening morning I head to a blind I have set up. Usually turkeys roosted in the hollow and this morning was no different. Luckily they were roosted about 150 yards up on the ridge on my fence line with my neighbor, which gave me time to get my decoys out and get the camera set up. I got one...
  4. TheMainEvent

    Doubled up!!

    What a memory. Great job dad!
  5. TheMainEvent

    Bird Watching with my Canon XA40 camcorder

    I think every hunter appreciates the sights and sounds of sitting still in the woods, especially in a deer stand. I’ve told people that really aren’t outdoorsman, that if you just sit down in the woods for 15 minutes and be still and quite, you’ll be amazed what you will see.
  6. TheMainEvent

    Over the last 13 years

    “Good” is a huge understatement. Great deer.
  7. TheMainEvent

    Bird Watching with my Canon XA40 camcorder

    I had some downtime from a recent surgery so I decided to make a video of the birds at my feeder.
  8. TheMainEvent

    Finally got some meat!

    Not a darn thing wrong with that. Took two does myself this season and thawing out some backstrap as I write this. A compilation video of my hunts this season.
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    Forgive me if this has already been mentioned but I would highly recommend consulting with the local Division of Forestry. You can also buy trees from one of the two state nurseries.
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    Short Video of Yellowbank Pheasant Quota Hunt

    This is the fourth time (I think) our group as gone. Another great day.
  11. TheMainEvent

    How big??????

    Definitely 130s deer.
  12. TheMainEvent

    Trolling Motor

    I just bought a Terrova this spring. Love it and the remote. I primarily spider rig and it is a huge benefit to finding and holding on fish. I have only tried to use the foot pedal once and I quickly found out it takes some getting used to but the remote and spot lock feature is much better...
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    Walked right to my bead…

    I still have some minor pain. I actually just had another MIR to make sure something wasn’t going on again. Scar tissue but no part of the disc pushing on nerve. All I can say is it is a damn sight better than the pain I had pre-surgery. Got some some residual numbness in left foot but I can...
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    Walked right to my bead…

    Awesome hunt. Congrats. You are more than a man than I was last year. Had the same surgery the day before the season opener. Followed doctor’s orders and didn’t really do anything for 6 weeks. The thought of long beard at 7 yards may have changed my mind. Good video too.
  15. TheMainEvent

    Daughters first longbeard - video

    Awesome job Ellie Jo! You too dad.
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    Really didnt need this.

    Grago, first off Happy B-day. Mine is the 14th. I feel ya. I missed last year's turkey season because I had back surgery on the 16th, the day before opening day. It was tough to miss but I had so much pain I wasn't going to be able to hunt anyway. Your health is more important and God...
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    Tagged Out!!

    Awesome job young man! I hope I'm half as lucky come Saturday.
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    Kentucky River Sauger Fishing

    Short video. Enjoy!