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  1. James Scott White

    The Red Wave, What Happened.....

    I believe 2 things happened. 1) GOP leadership blew it. Paul Ryan, McConnel and McCarthy in particular. House and Senate candidates were financially abandoned in almost every swing state. McConnell literally took money away from AZ’s Senate race to give to his pick for Alaska senate that was...
  2. James Scott White

    .350 Legend?

    .350 punched another one this morning for the Michigan opener. Check out this exit wound on a little nanny. Heart and one lung completely obliterated. Didn’t go 20 yards. Starting to love this little gun.
  3. James Scott White

    .350 Legend?

    @Little FR entry/exit
  4. James Scott White

    .350 Legend?

    @Little FR im really happy with its performance. Took this guy opening day. Passed on him earlier in the week with my crossbow but my time down here was running out and I don’t like the taste of Deer Tag Stew. Looking forward to putting the 350 to more use this week in Michigan.
  5. James Scott White

    November 12 opening gun roll call

    Sprinkling rain in rowan.. Dropping temps has the scent swirling. Picked off by 3 does and a little basket 8- I passed but a doe about ate lead. Can’t stand those blowing stomping does. Had to be thermals- wind was in my favor. Gonna sit tight at hope the wind picks up. Good luck everyone. Great...
  6. James Scott White

    Opening morning

    Yeah. It’s a bitter sweet. Quieter walking in, but I was enjoying hearing them come from a mile away this week. It’s gonna be an awesome weekend.
  7. James Scott White

    Mr Thick

    Looks like the same structure. Probably the same deer. I’d shoot him this year lol
  8. James Scott White

    .350 Legend?

    That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing your experience. I couldn’t find any of the federal rounds you endorse so I bought a couple boxes of the 180 Winchesters xp- Not thrilled with their accuracy to be honest but I’m used to very straight shooting calibers like .243 and 25-06. I’ll get back up to...
  9. James Scott White

    deer movement in south central ky

    I’m in east central key. Seen some good cruising in the mornings this week. Multiple with the crazy look in their eyes, mouth open, panting like a rabid dog. The bucks are ready even if most of the does aren’t.
  10. James Scott White

    .350 Legend?

    Recently moved to Michigan for a short time. I’m back in KY this week to hunt. Anyways- up there you are only allowed to use shotguns, muzzleloaders and now a straight-cartridged rifle (450 bushmaster, 350 Legend, etc). Needless to say, I saved up and bought a brand new 350 Legend. Brought it...
  11. James Scott White

    Hunting in rain

    Light rain doesn’t bother me. Tomorrow I think it’s gonna be a gully washer. And we need it. Saturday is a different story. I’ll be out with the rest of the orange army.
  12. James Scott White

    Baiting turkeys.

    I don’t know the law exactly but I sure wouldn’t be worried as long and you aren’t hunting over the bait. Speaking of turkeys tho- I’m flat covered up in them right now trying to deer hunt. I’ve seen 4-5 different flocks of all hens in the last 3 days. Hoping they are making a come-back after...
  13. James Scott White

    Is there a forest fire?

    I smell smoke this morning all the way over here in Rowan once I got up on the ridge. Not sure if it could go this far but it’s been an awesome cover scent all morning.
  14. James Scott White

    Shooter Bucks ??

    I look for maturity of a deer more than the rack. I want a 4 year old or better. When they start getting that bulldog chest- it’s time. When it comes to rack about 140 is my goal if they don’t have the body build I’m after.. but by the time they hit 140 they are usually there. A Mature buck is...
  15. James Scott White

    10 Nov Roll Call

    I’m up a tree on a narrow bench/saddle in Rowan. It’s been a great morning aside from last night’s chilli aggravating me. Had a nice 3yo under me that i couldn’t tell much about before daylight. Since then I’ve had 2 bucks, a 10 and a 9 both cruise by about 30 mins apart- just not what I’m...
  16. James Scott White

    Gutting Deer

    Seems redundant, at the house it would be- if I didn’t have pigs.
  17. James Scott White

    Four Days Before Election Day, Biden Claims He Is Closing Coal Mines. Are You Listening Pennsylvania?

    God Help us Jesus! I Hope people in PA have brains. I mean, I know it was stolen there in 2020. But, my goodness- it shouldn’t be close- right?
  18. James Scott White

    Gutting Deer

    I always gut them. Whether that takes place in the feild or when I get home just depends.
  19. James Scott White

    How’s the year starting out at home?

    I Thanks. I hunt Next door in Rowan. Cheap moultrie and SPYPOINT is what I’ve run this year. I’m gonna upgrade next year whether I’m still up north or not. I have several stands up. I’m thinking the flats and benches is where I’m gonna start. Gonna take my climber so I can move around more...
  20. James Scott White

    How’s the year starting out at home?

    about dead center, just north of Lansing. There’s some public up here and my father in law lets me hunt his 80.

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