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    Dogs and snakes

    Sounds awful. I’ll stick with city ham:)
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    Neighborhood Buck

    Very cool. Love that Prospect area. Some dandies out there for sure🦌
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    When are you taking off to hunt?

    Sounds awesome. You must have a honey hole somewhere in central KY👍
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    Ky Oaks

    Make that virtually:)
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    Ky Oaks

    There is an app called Picture This that is really good at identifying trees and vertically all plants. There is a yearly charge but I find it extremely useful at my farm. Well worth the money. I had part of my land timbered earlier this year and the forester that I hired knew every species on...
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    Buck swimming the Ohio river

    Cool picture for sure. Have seen them swim across a lake several times👍
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    Back from Africa

    Looks like a super hunt:)
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    Switchback XT Cam Needed

    Hi I have an Outback bow that’s left handed and I think it’s 28.5. Probably won’t work for what you need but thought that I would throw it out there.
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    John Deere Food Plot Planter

    Hi $1950
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    John Deere Food Plot Planter

    I have a refurbished Deere 3 row planter (71 Flexi-planter) for sale. Perfect for food plots and gardens. Flexible row spacing and in great shape with the manual. Call with questions. Pictures available. $1,950.
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    For sale John Deere food plot planter (71 Flexi)

    I have a 3 row Deere 71 Flexi-Planter for sale. It was totally refurbished when I bought it and is in perfect condition and ready to plant. Location is Prospect Kentucky near Louisville. Row spacing is easily adjustable and the planter will plant most types of seed with the proper plates. Happy...

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