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  1. Capttrae


    If I lived closesr I’d buy that just because. And for no other reason than that. I remeber when the mq32 was the hottest thing on the market
  2. Capttrae

    Red dot on a dedicated Turkey gun?

    Had a vortex viper on my gun. Didn’t like it, took it off and went back to the bead
  3. Capttrae

    Manitoba Moose and Bear

    Far as I know it’s an otc tag provided by the First Nations tribes
  4. Capttrae

    What a couple of days

    Thursday’s appointment went well, The company doc cleared me late Thursday afternoon but couldn’t pick up my meds until Friday at noon so that cost me the whole weekend of work. But got cleared by the company doc this morning now waiting on my ride to the boat
  5. Capttrae

    Manitoba Moose and Bear

    Any suggestions on calibers that’ll work for the following Moose, Elk, Caribou and black bear? I’m thinking in the range of a .325wsm .338 win mag or .375 H&H. Scope will be a leoupould vx3 they are just tried and true for years and years so on that front if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
  6. Capttrae

    Manitoba Moose and Bear

    Couldn’t weasel my way out of it. Everything lined up for me to go. So I reckon in October of 2027 I’m going moose huntin
  7. Capttrae

    Manitoba Moose and Bear

    I haven’t heard back from the outfitter yet. If there’s an opening great, if not, that’s ok too
  8. Capttrae

    Manitoba Moose and Bear

    Well I got talked in to it. Granted it didn’t take a lot of arm twisting. If they have an opening the same week my buddy is going I reckon I’m going
  9. Capttrae

    Manitoba Moose and Bear

    Got invited today to go on a moose and bear hunt up in Manitoba in 2027. Price for that kind of hunt isn’t terrible. Isn’t great either but it’s doable. Just a fact if do I really want to go. It’s for a buddy of mines 50th birthday so there’s that. I’ve never really thought much about huntin a...
  10. Capttrae

    Blackstone at Walmart

    I’ve got the 36” Blackstone it’s used for what you described plus you can fry thing in a pot on it, sear steaks. But in all reality I’ve used mine twice in two years. I’m sure if I had a family living here I’d prolly use it more. For the price they are selling it for you can’t beat it and if you...
  11. Capttrae

    What a couple of days

    Thank y’all. I’m getting back to normal, doc appt Tuesday morning. Hopefully can get cleared to go back to work with some meds and get back at it
  12. Capttrae

    What a couple of days

    Yesterday morning got up, had breakfast with the guys, got the deckhand started, went upstairs got started on my rec list. Came down to the galley to talk to Ron got to not feeling good, laid down for a sec there then went out on the bow and laid down in the breeze but it was hot so moved to he...
  13. Capttrae

    Destin Fishing?

    Buddy of mine owns Done Deal Charters. Has several boats and will do you a good job
  14. Capttrae

    Rock Island Auctions

    Gun collectors dream right thete
  15. Capttrae


    I stopped at one my first trip to Lauderdale this year. Will never stop again. Huge place and very nice, but to get out of the parking lot took close to an hour
  16. Capttrae


    Good luck
  17. Capttrae

    Pot and the young Americans

    Says someone who thinks the devils lettuce is the scourge of the past two centuries

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