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    Wing recurve

    Get a stringer, and string the bow - slowly. Look for twisted limbs and cracking. If limbs are still straight good chance it will be fine. You will see the limb twist if bad. There is usually no way to fix twisted limbs. Before use - a good cleaning with water and mild soap and some furniture...
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    turkey gun

    Old Mossberg 500 woodland with a truglo extended choke. With the win longbeard XR in 5 shot and the truglo 3 dot sites, it is honest 50 yard killer.
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    Question for 25-06 owners

    I've had one now going on 20 years. Shoot handloads, 87 grains spire points for years but since moved up to 117 grain SST. Both loads are hammers on deer and coyotes. It is a good, solid cartridge for long range 'yotes and deer.
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    It's over

    Hey fellas - nobody has won anything yet. Get out and vote and get everyone else you know to go as well. This time the citizens get to judge.
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    Most comfortable hang on stand?

    I've had a Tree Lounge stand for 15+ years and still going strong. It is heavy but so am I (!) It is rock solid once your up there and can't really fall out of it.
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    Long Range

    300 mag is a great round. Some may disagree but I've seen lots of guys use the 180/200 grain in these guns and have deer run off. It is too much bullet for light skinned deer and does not expand well. Stay with 150-165 grain. You may get some meat damage - but you won't have to track very far...
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    I followed the wrong career path

    I was at a fundraiser honoring a decorated doctor in Lexington and he told a story how he got started in medicine when he was a kid. Dad: Son, get in this barn with me, we got to clean out the manure. Kid: Its too cold, and that stuff is still wet, way too heavy. (Whining) Dad: Son, you better...
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    Glue On - Broadhead Suggestions

    I've used both the woodsman and the snuffer, can't go wrong with either one. Snuffers always flew better for me and easier to tune.
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    The hevi shot turkey loads.

    I used the hevi-shot for a few years with good results but agree with chilly about Winchester Longbeard XR. I shoot Mossberg with TruGlo turkey tube and blown away with pattern they produce. Not as expensive as hevis and very effective on turkeys. (Work well on coyotes too)
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    Kim Davis order to Gray bar Motel

    "She no longer has any cause (good or otherwise) to refuse compliance with a Court Order in a Nation of Laws." That is what someone says, their opinion. It is not what she believes. The gay couple thought their rights were being violated and now this lady thinks her rights are being violated...
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    Squirrel Hunting with the CZ

    Few things are better than squirrel hunting with nice bolt gun. What ammo does it like ? Groups ?
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    Lee Loader for center fire

    I used those Lee loader kits for a few years in 270 and worked fine. If you do much shooting at all, go ahead and get a press kit. For a box or two those will work.
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    Anyone else tired of hearing the Grimes vs McConnell battle?

    True liberals always babble about terms limits during elections. It works like this If democrats have the majority - Term limits are stupid and need to be extended If democrats are in minority - Term limits are stupid and need to be shortened Those pesky voters just irk democrats to...
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    scope reviews

    I bought a Nikon 4.5x14 BuckMasters scope this year for my 25-06 for $200 bucks shipped to door. I think Nikon and Burris are the best values in scopes under $250
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    NRA endoses Mitch

    It should read "Just remember a democrat is a liberal democrat" ALL democrats are progressive liberals now. The National Democratic party has caved. Blue-dog democrats are gone. Democratic party = Progressive Liberals
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    6 bucks just outside of LBL!!!

    lol - good one
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    nov.8 weapon choice?

    Under 50 yards - S&W Model 27-1 Open sight 140 gr XTP and W296 Over 50 yards - Stag Model 7HL 6.8SPC Zeiss 4x12 120 SST and H322
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    New shooter, new rifle

    Great suggestions here. Can't go wrong with a decent 243. If you want to get something bigger a 7mm-08 or even a 308 would be the next step. Many people overlook the 308 but it is widely available, inherently accurate and has enough power for anything these Kentucky Hills can produce.
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    What do you guys think about Tim Wells?

    His latest show had a some guy in Kansas that trained his dogs to go tease coyotes in the woods and lure them back to the shooters. Anyone ever heard of this ? Look like it worked pretty well.
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    What boots are you wearing this year?

    Been on 4 years or so with basspro redhead brand 200g insulated boots. They have held up well. I have a pair of Rocky 1K gram but just seem too heavy.

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