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    Need some prayers!

    Prayers sent.
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    Garden 2023

    I haven't even got nothing in the ground yet lol. Will get it started this wek
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    Nice pic. I like them too. They are a neat and fascinating creature
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    Elk Draw

    No draw for me or the boy. First time I've entered in years. Boy is old enough now, I'll start making yearly donations again lol. Good luck to all of those that draw.
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    Elk Draw

    What time is the drawing today?
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    Mom finally went too the lord too rest

    Sorry for your loss. I dread the day that I loose mine.
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    The Ambush

    Congrats. Them old boss Tom's are different.
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    Great morning

    Congrats. Love it when they cooperate and put on a show.
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    Always depends on area, day, and situation. In the woods, very rarely use a decoy, unless it's really open timber. In fields, always. Usually a hen and Jake, sometimes 2 hens and a Jake. Back when turkeys were plentiful, used a strutter alot, and it flat worked. Have noticed since population has...
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    Late Season

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    Odd harvest, but ill take it.

    It ate me all day after the miss. Especially when I kept replaying the 3 birds going uphill, when there should have been 4. When I seen that lone bird out in the same area this evening, I had to go see. And glad I did. Ol lady had the 5 yr old with her, and was 75 or so yards around the bend...
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    Late Season

    I have a love/hate relationship with late season. But, it can be just as successful as early on. I quit hunting mornings in late season. Later in the morning, Tom's get lonely, and will come looking. My experience is they don't gobble very much, but their there. Patience kills turkeys, and have...
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    Odd harvest, but ill take it.

    Long winded post.. chased this bird 3 different times today. Seen him and his running mate from the house about 11 this morning, went after them, no dice. Came back home, about 2 , seen them, 2 Jake's, and 2 hems together. Got dressed and made another sneak on them. Got in position this time...
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    Polk salad

    I can't stand it. My dear old mother loves it though. It grows around my place in the fence rows, so I've taught my boys from a young age what it is, and when to pick it. They keep their mamaw stocked up on it. My 5 yr old picked her a mess yesterday.
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    Blood proof turkey bag.

    No bags here. Always over the shoulder by the legs, until a couple years ago. I improvise with a turkey tote, or totem. Look em up. Very simple to make, and carries the bird easily. Blood on stuff doesn't bother me, that's what the ol ladies washing machine is for lol
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    Some trout…

    I've tried them fixed several different ways, just never liked them. Our local water reservoir stocks them, once you figure out what depth their at, can catch them all day amd night. They don't get very big though.
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    Some trout…

    Nice looking fish. I've never cared for trout, but they are fun to catch
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    Finally, the boy got it done

    We took a family walk on our place yesterday, never turkey hunt it due to never seeing any turkeys on it. Checked camera and there were several pictures of this old bird. Always alone, middle of the day. Got in there about 2:15 today, seen a hen walking out of the field, I made a few soft...
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    2023 Turkey Photos

    4/23/23 2:30 pm 10" beard, 1 3/8" spurs 22 lb. Clay county
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    04/23 who’s hunting!

    I'm in. Not heard a bird yet. Haven't scouted any on this place this year, but it's been productive in the past. Beautiful morning to be out regardless

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