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    16 year old girl claims Bill Clinton is her father

    There is no winner here, Its saddens me as a veteran of the armed forces that this is the best we can do. That the race for the presidency of the United states has come down to Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump. We lost, we've all lost Both the Democrats and the Republicans
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    These DC idiots are trying to force us into a shooting war with Russia??

    The clown thing will end as soon as one of the clowns get capped, then we'll be able to go to walmart and buy clown tags, if your in zones [email protected] it will be unlimited doe clowns but 1 buck clown limit, in zones [email protected] you will only be able to harvest 4 doe clowns or 3 doe clowns and 1 buck clown
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    We were wrong

    That came from a great big egg
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    16 year old girl claims Bill Clinton is her father

    Yes, but he didnt inhale.
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    Latest Gear for Liberals

    Get it !!!!!!!!!! LEFT the Door open
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    These DC idiots are trying to force us into a shooting war with Russia?? A better article on the same thing, The Kremlin really means business,
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    These DC idiots are trying to force us into a shooting war with Russia?? this scares the ell out of me, russia is pulling relatives of officials home preparing for war,
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    What is this?

    first 2 looks kinda like a poosum, the other one a house cat
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    AR advice

    + 1 more on the [email protected] [email protected] I have and older sport, no dust cover, no forward assist,(I see the no forward assist as a +) melonite treated heavy barrel, and out of the box it was really accurate, but I free floated the barrel / (via hand guard/ removed delta ring for barrel nut etc..) and it is as...
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    budget rifle

    The bought the The Ruger American predator over a Remington 700. When I picked up the Remington the barrel was rusting where it met the stock, and the bolt felt like it had grit in it, Remington's quality seems to have gone done the toilet.
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    Ordering a new FoxPro. IWhich sounds are your favorites?

    platinum grey fox is good, as well as jack rabbit distress, along with lightning jack
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    Best protectant from rain?

    I've always just wiped em down with 30wt motor oil lightly
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    Old Cow Tips Me Off

    them ol baldes are worth a little aint they. esp. over the summer, cows are startin to come down a little here. (is the navel on that calf a little swollen?)(really good lookin calf though) , any way good job on the yote as usual
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    A couple of questions about 00 Buckshot

    00 is always been legal for coyote, and its legal for night coyote. as far as the full super full turkey choke, I don't think it would be a great idea, I would just start with a modified choke and work my way up (experiment with different loads and chokes etc...), or just use #4 shot
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    Deer Heart

    you guys haven't been eating them fresh after the kill to gain the spirit and courage from the animal?
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    Dpms oracle 223

    that's a good price, I almost bought one about 6 years ago or so. but I picked up the smith and Wesson instead, nothing wrong with the dpms, but liked the smith better
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    A little groundhoggin'

    I just killed 1 in the woods on our farm a few days ago. an old grey one, the first I think ive ever seen in the woods
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    AR15 coyote rifle pics

    this is before the free floated barrel,
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    Youth Hunting questions

    Do youth hunters 12 and under still have to call in there deer? does the adult with the youth have to have his hunting license/deer tags?

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