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  1. Crossbow Hunter

    Age range on here.

    32 here, relatively new to whitetail hunting. Been hunting mule deer in Washington state for about 3 years and the army retired me out of Knox about 3 years ago been hunting every chance I get.
  2. Crossbow Hunter

    Build or buy?

    Yeah deer camp went great I have no complaints about the cabin at all. It even held the heat in from nothing more than a big buddy propane heater.
  3. Crossbow Hunter

    Future crossbow owner with a question.

    I really like the scope I have mounted and it didn't break the bank either. Here's a link. It was pretty strait...
  4. Crossbow Hunter

    2015-16 Fort Knox question and answer thread

    I would say go to LBL. 37 is a very thick area and not a lot of decent places to hunt. At least from what I've seen.
  5. Crossbow Hunter

    Land dispute

    You are right about being a good nieghbor. I was hoping to catch them at their deer camp so I could offer him a beer and steak! I'm just happy it all came together without anyone having bad feelings towards each other.
  6. Crossbow Hunter

    Land dispute

    Opening weekend went really well! Thanks for asking. The guys leasing the neighboring property weren't able to get out and move their gear so they told us to just hunt out of it if we wanted to and that was pretty nice of them. We saw deer every hunting session but weren't able to get a shot off...
  7. Crossbow Hunter

    Another Land Dispute - Need some help please

    I agree. Even if you marked the line with a "good" compass it won't be exact and they could dispute it. Truthfully though, a surveyor will follow a specific bearing and mark any turning points or corners but will not usually mark along a strait line. Especially if it's through thick brush. I...
  8. Crossbow Hunter

    Peabody WMA

    I hunted there last year on opening morning and where we were camped at it wasn't to crowded. We camped on turkey foot lake and I brought my small 14' boat to travel across the lake deep into a thick forested area and we never saw anyone around us. Heard a few shots but never saw anyone. We had...
  9. Crossbow Hunter

    Land dispute

    Well we got it all figured out. "Little boots" was able to find out the owner for us and we made contact with them, a realtor company. Well they have the property next to ours leased out to a guy for hunting and the realtor put us in touch with the guy leasing the neighboring property who was...
  10. Crossbow Hunter

    Land dispute

    Gentlemen, I don't take a piss without my smith and Wesson. As for my buddy he carries around a small armory with him! Haha so I think we are good there. Our issue will be coming across hostil. We will have to leave the m4's with the guys in the bushes I suppose.
  11. Crossbow Hunter

    What's everyone shooting this weekend?

    I'll have my crossbow on one side for turkeys and my Remington 700 in a .270 on the other side shooting 130 grain fusions.
  12. Crossbow Hunter

    Land dispute

    Yeah it is a lose lose. What really sucks is trying to figure all this out in just a couple days. My buddy wanted to be as nice as possible by leaving a note and asking that they move their gear but unfortunately as of today it wasn't moved. I also agree that a Saturday morning confrontation...
  13. Crossbow Hunter

    Land dispute

    Property is in Grayson county by the way, off Vic Young Rd.
  14. Crossbow Hunter

    Land dispute

    So I bought 21 acres last February and I have been working on shooting lanes and good blind spots all year(it's pretty thick). My buddy just recently bought the 7 acres next to mine about 2 months ago. We go into his 7 acres about two weeks ago to start cutting away brush and get a blind set...
  15. Crossbow Hunter

    Build or buy?

    I have some cabinets in there and couch but I haven't mounted them yet. I'm hoping to take over a mattress and get the cabinets mounted this next week. Deer camp is coming together!
  16. Crossbow Hunter

    sunday morning roll call

    Here on Knox in an unfamiliar area with the smoking pole. There sure wasn't a lot of areas open for this weekend so I had to take what I could get. Nice morning though.
  17. Crossbow Hunter

    2015-16 Fort Knox question and answer thread

    Who's out on Knox this weekend?
  18. Crossbow Hunter

    Saturday afternoon roll call

    Wish I was up a tree right now but I will have to wait until next weekend.
  19. Crossbow Hunter

    Build or buy?

    Yes they delivered it completely built and the guy helped me level it out too.
  20. Crossbow Hunter

    Build or buy?

    I got mine from a small Amish builder known as "Millers Barns" located out of Williamsburg, KY. I got a 10x20 lofted garden shed for $3200 out the door.

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