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  1. TripleGee

    good camping recipes?

    Dang! All this food sure sounds great! And full of CRAP!!! What about the REAL things that are eaten on the creek bank? You know, the potted meat on crackers eaten in the dark with unknown add-ons like dirt, leaves and pieces of worms or nightcrawlers? You know, REAL bank fishing. 😁
  2. TripleGee

    Tucker Carlson Unleashed in Episode #1: 'The Aroma of Death Has Aroused Lindsey Graham'

    I'd bet that if anything happens to Trump, Tucker or DeSantis there may be multiple covert ops "good ol boys" having at it with select politicians and world figures. If they can find them. I'm not condoning anything, I just bet there'll be a new type of hunting season from a few folks who've had...
  3. TripleGee

    Pops and what actually happened

    Prayers sent for your daddy's healing and hopefully to get back doing what he loves!
  4. TripleGee

    Human trafficking sting in Ohio catches 10 men, including school superintendent and teacher

    Social Services? That'll be hit or miss depending on county.
  5. TripleGee

    Tucker Carlson is out at Fox now. Wow!

    Unless I'm mistaken, FOX is paying Tucker two extra years of salary with a "no compete" clause. Basically shutting him up for two years...
  6. TripleGee

    And what's FOX News doing making Piers Morgan a host?

    I guess FOX is going full retard libtard now. Not hiding it at all. He's Extremely anit-gun.
  7. TripleGee

    DISH dumped Newsmax evidently.

    Trying to find Newsmax on the idiot box today and noticed channel 216 was missing. Anybody heard why?
  8. TripleGee

    Anybody else go to the Hillbilly Days Festival in Pikeville?

    The Queen and I went to Pikeville this weekend and enjoyed the Hillbilly Days Festival. Everything was neat except the food (that I chose) and the food prices. I shoulda tried the Hibachi or BBQ instead of an extremely dry and old Italian Sausage with sauteed onions. I'm embarrassed to tell you...
  9. TripleGee

    Another needless shooting.

    Sue the ever loving shit out of all of them involved.
  10. TripleGee

    Car manufacturers to eliminate AM Radio.

    Sean Hannity sounding alarms over several vehicle manufacturers eliminating radios with AM stations in an effort to hinder conservative communications and news.
  11. TripleGee

    Chicken Fighting is Getting Rough

    Way back when I was a yonker, daddy took me to the chicken fights in Bell County. The arena was a particularly wondrous thing for that area with concessions, bleachers etc. Daddy was a drinker and on one match he shouted "a hunnert dollars he kills it first hit!!!" Well, the guys were almost...
  12. TripleGee

    The Social Credit Agenda has begun.

    They did. I owed them last year so I changed my status and even had extra taken out each check. Now the bastards owe me almost threee thousand of my own money back and I had to jump thru their hoops in order to get it.
  13. TripleGee

    The Social Credit Agenda has begun.

    I received a letter today from the IRS asking me to verify my identity in order to continue processing my taxes. I had to go online and submit photos of my drivers license front and back as well as submit a full facial scan. It also said it would cross reference (see access) my credit report...
  14. TripleGee

    Cruise anyone?

    Hey guys and gals, I’m thinking of surprising my wife with a cruise and I’ve never been on one so I thought I’d ask you experts where’s the best value and quality for Carribean cruises? East or western? Which line do you prefer and suggest? Thanks again in advance for all your help.
  15. TripleGee

    The one that got away

    First and foremost, December 10th I finally married the one that got away long ago (dated 1983-1984) and she'll tell you the same thing. We were both full, absolutely full of stubborn youthful pride and a fair amount of "dumbassity"! Ha! It's been great! LOTS of Makeup for lost time sex!!! Ha...
  16. TripleGee

    I have Visiting Elk today

    I live a mile from JR and my nephew in law, who lives a half mile from me as the crow flies, walked out onto his deck last Fall and ran straight into a black bear. Must have been migrating due to male territory etc.
  17. TripleGee

    Average age of members here

    63, be 64 in Semptember. Can remember running them ol double strand antenna lines up the mountainside with daddy and fixing them where something had broken the connection. Hope all ya'll have a great week!
  18. TripleGee

    Now We're gettin somewhere!!!

    Rep. George Santos of New York cosponsors a bill to make the AR-15 the National Gun of the United States!!! Never happen but hell yeah!!!
  19. TripleGee

    Antarctica hasn’t warmed in 70 years despite rising CO2 levels; climate scientists baffled

    Two things. One, change IS constant and can someone defiine "catastrophic" in logical vs. libtard sheeple definitions?
  20. TripleGee

    The Left Has NO Sense of Humor

    That ought to be SOP for mishitting a drive and it not going past the ladies teebox. Currently, you have to have your pants down to your ankles until you hit your second shot. DON'T ask me how I know.

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