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    6th Sense in Whitetails?

    Just my .02¢, but if I were a prey animal I would be scared too. Can they sense me looking at them? I don't know, maybe. I can sense folks looking at me so it might be the same for deer. If you spend a week or more in the field you start to develop your senses better. Maybe deer can sense when...
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    Chigger increase? Chigger repelent for deer hunting?

    I use this stuff called Ranger Ready. It's like Sawyers, and I get it on Amazon. It's good for 25 washed too. Same ingredients as Sawyers.
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    Would you shoot this 4 pointer?

    It depends on whether or not he is a very young deer. Maybe he will grow more in later years and have a larger rack. Do you want the meat, and don't care about antlers? Then let one fly his way!
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    Road kill monster

    Dang... Stuff like this is hard to look at.
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    Bow on a budget

    With today's technology all bow packages should be very similar in quality of manufacturing, even on the budget bow side of the house. I had a PSE RTH package that everyone said was junk but I killed a lot of deer with it and never had any problems. If it's a newer package and in your budget...
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    Garden 2022

    I know it's been a busy year and we haven't gardened like we normally do. The garden this year doesn't look nearly as good as your all's does.
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    90 yard sight pin ready for deer season

    They're good. I shoot them and never had a problem. That doesn't mean I put their stickers everywhere and on my truck :)
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    Cave Run Lake campgrounds

    We usually camp at Twin Knobs several times a year. Most of the loops have most of the hook ups you're looking for. Almost all sites are easy to back into with a camper.oirs is 29' and we don't have any problems usually. The ramp at the campground is almost always open and easy to load on...
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    I've been getting them off the hound and me both. I use this stuff called Ranger Ready from Amazon. It's kinda like Sawyer brand spray. Works real good. I've only got bit when I wasn't using it this year.
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    Check Out the New Baits!

    I've been missing on here for a little bit trying to get turkey blinds and new baits made. So far I've managed new swim baits, Ned rigs, and frogs. Check out the website at Look me up on Facebook. Let me know what your handle on here is when you do. It's nice...
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    Destin area fishing??

    Fished off the bridge there before and didn't do very good. We chartered fishing boats twice and had good hauls both times. Just Google fishing chatters in Destin and find one with the best reviews. Depending on what time of year it is you might catch a bunch of trigger fish and have to throw...
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    Any saddle hunters in here?

    Heck yeah man. I think there's a few of us around here that does it that way. I make my own aluminum tree steps if you need some.
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    Turkey Population

    I see it change here in eastern KY about every couple of years. Some years we have higher numbers of birds and larger flocks. Other years it seems the numbers drop quite a bit. I dunno guys...
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    Cam's 2021 Buck named "Larry"

    Heck of a deer!
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    Another 4 lb crappie....

    I've seen some slabs, but never that big. Wonder what the secret is?
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    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    If things keep getting worse I'm going to get a Chevroleg powered bike! Anybody got a gun rack for one of those??
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    Bragging Board 2022 - Fishing Photos

    Nice one! Is that on a swim bait?
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    Lure Making

    I'm making some for the store. What do you guys use? Injection molds or pour molds? Any preference as to brand of plastisol, and why?
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    Hydrodip today

    Nice dip job! It makes the gun have a personal meaning I think.
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    Weather Outlook for KY Opener

    Don't mind the rain but the lightening does it for me. I've ran out of the woods with a storm on my heels before. Turkeys move to fields in rain sometimes, so that's nice.

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