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    Not Cracker Barrel!!

    I believe it’s these devils way of enlisting us to help destroy the republic and its economy. They win either way….. promoting ungodly zero birth rate lifestyles and destroying our economy so they can reset it. You know… build back better. He’ll hath enlarged itself for these reprobates.
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    Dumbest Bull $hit ever !

    Absolutely, and that wealth could be passed down and continue to grow after we are gone.
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    Dumbest Bull $hit ever !

    Perfectly said!
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    Gubenor Andy Backed by Coal Miners

    You misunderstood me, Clinton signed NAFTA. I was laying this at the feet of the Democrat party also.
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    Gubenor Andy Backed by Coal Miners

    ….or the party of NAFTA which sent good jobs out of this country as fast as Ross Perot warned it would. I’ve been in on some negotiations and they are as ignorant as they are dedicated. I hope they enjoyed the perks they got because they have killed the future of their kids and grandkids.
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    Absolutely, making money on both ends. They are as covetous as they are evil.😡
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    That would explain all the HIV commercials you see on tv these days.
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    Reparations are Not a Joke

    Exactly right!!!
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    World on the verge of a new religion created by AI, historian claims

    This would also explain why the false christ is said to have no regard for the desire of woman. I always believed he would be of the nephilim but he could very well be AI. Interesting stuff.
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    While Most Are Distracted, the IMF Just Rolled Out a One-World Currency

    Exactly, we are the big prize.
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    Fox News going full Libtard

    Me too, I got the impression he was his own man and a no bs one at that.
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    The 3rd building on 9/11

    yep, I believe Dr. Strecker and the Illinois congressman who was going to present Streckers memorandum were also declared suicides if I’m not mistaken.🤔
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    So rice is gonna kill you now. Global warming

    Exactly right
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    U S Military troops in Ukraine

    It’s very likely deliberate in my opinion. It’s almost like they want to encourage instability and crisis🤔. Is the “global war on terror” still a thing or has Ukraine replaced it?
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    Aggressive trans

    Hopefully this will make some pastors revisit Genesis 19. Remember how incredibly aggressive the men were in wanting to know the two angels sent to Sodom?
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    Trump Indicted

    If it’s true why would the 12 disagree?
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    Trump Indicted

    Yep, I bet there were some more of those “audible gasps in the room” when these latest crap accusations were read. How do these reprobates say this stuff with a straight face?!
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    Trump Indicted

    The other side must be convinced he can/will win. Why would they be so determined to destroy him if he, as you say, didn’t have a legit shot at winning? If he is just a big talking clown then why bother? The truth is he is the most formidable change for good I will probably see in my lifetime...
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    Trump says 'illegal leaks' indicate he'll be arrested Tuesday

    Yep, I bet that rascal will once again exploit the legal loopholes of innocence and lack of evidence to avoid charges.
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    Trump says 'illegal leaks' indicate he'll be arrested Tuesday

    ….. it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and cast into the sea than offend one of these little ones.

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