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  1. keeruss8


    Run your fire into the wind too Should help ya a good bit to keep it less intense
  2. keeruss8

    Good start

    This is last good pic of him.
  3. keeruss8

    Gravy covered, meat stuffed potato dumplings

    Pics or it didn't happen State law Sounds delicious BTW
  4. keeruss8

    Stone Branch

    That's a pretty cool pic to get to take
  5. keeruss8

    In the market for a new Bow. What are you shooting?

    It was a good bow. Killed lots of deer with it. Nephew is shooting it now lol
  6. keeruss8

    In the market for a new Bow. What are you shooting?

    I have a bowtech revolt and I love it. Shot the Matthews flagship and prime along with it and liked the bowtech better. Previously I shot a Matthews ovation for many years.
  7. keeruss8

    Manitoba Moose and Bear

    You only live once, if you can swing it go do it. A chapter in your book of your life. I was scraping by in my early 20's and was invited on an Alaskan trip. My buddy's dad told me to go or you'll regret it and I took his advice, it was an amazing trip. I'd kick myself if I hadn't of went.
  8. keeruss8

    Hatch 2023

    I haven't seen a poult yet around my place. I'm hoping to see some on camera soon
  9. keeruss8

    Wyoming corner crossing case...

    I was/am trying. The big piece was bought by a mill because his parents owned a piece on other side, so he had access. It was immediately clear cut. Lumber mill owns other piece too and they will not sell it cheap. The big piece (206 acres) was bought for $750 acre. They clear cut it and sold it...
  10. keeruss8

    Wyoming corner crossing case...

    There's was 2 landlocked pieces behind me . I was told by a few different people that if they wanted access the owners would have to pay me per foot by court order to get access
  11. keeruss8

    South Africa Hunting Trip

    Congratulations Looks like an amazing hunt
  12. keeruss8

    How much can you take before leaving a job?

    If your unhappy get TF out but make sure your dicks are in a row. I planned my exit for 2 years before I finally left in February 21. I was there 13 years. So vested in 401k , I didn't have to worry about not getting it all. I had enough of the bs long before I left but made sure everything was...
  13. keeruss8

    Spring Squirrel Season

    I just got in from work and gotta go finish spraying a lil piece, and I'm going to check that mulberry tree to see if they're turning yet
  14. keeruss8

    Is this a Bobcat and Turkey?

    I'm going deer but possibly a puma
  15. keeruss8

    Iowa- time to apply.

    I believe it's zone 4 we hunt. We might make a hail merry attempt next year but are aware it could be a 4 point draw on year 5 situation. We've been putting in and hunting out there since 07
  16. keeruss8

    Young 13 Pt

    Hopefully ya get pics soon of him. Keep us posted. I love watching them progress year to year. It's an amazing transformation
  17. keeruss8

    Young 13 Pt

    That's definitely understandable lol
  18. keeruss8

    Young 13 Pt

    I'm not going to argue against 3.5 but if 4.5 he's still going to be a dandy this fall. Are your cameras up in the tree a bit? Kind of a funky angle
  19. keeruss8

    Iowa- time to apply.

    We're just getting points again this year. May try to apply next year for the 24 season . That's my group of buddies. Not sure about 1wildcatfan is doing
  20. keeruss8

    Iowa- time to apply.

    Depends which unit and weapon choice The more popular units with a bow it'll probably be 3 if not 4 years nowadays. Shotgun or muzzleloader and some untis you can draw every year. Guns are not during rut though

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