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  1. scottlawrenceburg

    9mm ammo

    I reload all of mine... have about 25k in stash and roughly 6k in just brass... do a search for bulk ammo... be cheaper to find 1000 rds at a time
  2. scottlawrenceburg

    444 Marlin

    Yep.. had a marlin lever action several years ago..then I got stupid and got married.... out to 100 yards it would hammer deer... I never have 1 to take a step... they are great on tree rats too.. had 1 that wouldn't shut up... hit it in the ribs and hit the ground in 2 pieces.... I loaded xtp...
  3. scottlawrenceburg

    2 new boxes cor bon 38 super auto hp. Reduced

    Reduced.....$25 for both guys... that's buy 1 get 1 free.... perfer not to ship because of the hazmat cost... perfer face to face... if I have to ship buyer pays exact shipping costs if face to face it's 25 for both
  4. scottlawrenceburg


    I hunted 20 years ago with a muzzleloader so I have been out of it for a while.. that's what I get for getting married... back then that's what I used and you are right they dropped deer instantly.. but I have figured things have changed since then
  5. scottlawrenceburg


    Well finally found some 44cal 240gr xtp...they only had a couple of boxes so I grabbed 1...also grabbed another pd of practice time will be with 45 230gr hard cast bullets... I remember buying those xtp for 15 a box now 40 but I have plenty
  6. scottlawrenceburg


    Those guys at muzzleloader. Com are fantastic... I had a question about sabots... huge difference from 20 years ago lol.... they called back and was extremely helpful.. very personable.... their service is great.... I will check out Harvester for sure.. Thanks really appreciate
  7. scottlawrenceburg


    I will order some from muzzleloader. Com... they are 16 pack.. have never tried anything like before Thanks
  8. scottlawrenceburg


    That's what I used before...they shot fantastic with 90 gr powder.. have shot bunches of deer with that setup and all was a bang flop except 1.. dang doe was 30 yards away facing me and wouldn't move off the trail.. got off the 4 wheeler and put the crosshairs center chest and it came out her...
  9. scottlawrenceburg

    For those in search of black powder.

    Cabelas in Lexington has a bunch of powder
  10. scottlawrenceburg

    looking for FF blackpowder

    Cabelas In Lexington has BUNCHES... 4 types and pellet... I was there 2 days ago and got 2 pds... way he talked they had over 100 pds
  11. scottlawrenceburg

    Any good place @ Lex, to buy muzzle loader accessories?

    Cabelas has about 100+ pounds of black powder.. have 4 different brands + pellets.. they have a decent amount of other supplies.. I was there 2 days ago... gilberts in Frankfort has 209.primers and all flavors of smokless powder and primers... I paid 13 for 2 packs of 209... reg primers is 80...
  12. scottlawrenceburg


    I used to muzzleloader hunt 20 year ago..then got stupid and got married...just recently bought another one by traditions.. 50 cal 209 primers.... back then I used 44 cal xtp in the knight 50 andit would hammer them no stepping..... it would shoot pretty much same hole at 50... I have a bunch of...
  13. scottlawrenceburg


    He turn an older house into the store.. from the outside doesn't look like much until you walk in.. 1 of the best suppled gun stores around
  14. scottlawrenceburg

    Millenium Marine boat seat

    Hi neighbor.... I live on rainbow way.... I will trade for it.... will give you a slightly used x wife.... great cook.. body is rough... broken exhaust pipe... headlights hangs to her waist.. gives 0 loving.... figure we could trade even LOL..
  15. scottlawrenceburg


    I am in there at least every week... I went today to get couple packs of 209 primers for my new muzzleloader... his shelves are packed with powder and primers... a little low on reloading bullets but bulging shelves of factory ammo
  16. scottlawrenceburg


    Just fyi...primer and powder info.. I MAKE 0 SENDING PEOPLE...gilberts gun store in Frankfort ky has a huge supply of powder and primers... he is my go to gun shop because he is always well stocked and only 10 miles away.. He has ALL FLAVORS AND SIZES of primers..80 a brick... HE ALWAYS HAS FULL...
  17. scottlawrenceburg

    looking for FF blackpowder

    Might try gilberts in Frankfort.. he always has a good supply of reloading stuff.. black powder might be a different story
  18. scottlawrenceburg

    Any good place @ Lex, to buy muzzle loader accessories?

    Sportsman warehouse has decent selection... they have 0 powder and mainly packs of bullets on the racks... you can fit everything in a cart
  19. scottlawrenceburg

    Unique oddball ammunition

    Worth some serious change there.. most are older then me
  20. scottlawrenceburg

    looling for 25-06 ammo

    Gilberts in Frankfort ky has some

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