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  1. rdmallory

    Quick outerwear question. (Sitka gear)

    You might call Uncle Lee's AKA Buds in Greenville.
  2. rdmallory

    35 or 30-30 or both

    The 30-30 would be C&R. The 35 might be.
  3. rdmallory

    Killing Time

    I can stay all day if I can stay warm. Too warm I fall asleep.
  4. rdmallory

    Senior Lifetime License

    Great, Already have a FL and NC lifetime. Ever state I l;ived in always bought the lifetime, they are good even if you move. An out of state license is expensive.
  5. rdmallory

    22 mag ammo

    Did not know that I cold not use center-fire on small game. I have been reloading FiveSeven for about $4 a box. Doug
  6. rdmallory

    Advice on Prairie Dog Hunt

    Went a few times before the Plague and did not have any trouble getting permission to shoot. Farmers would let you shoot all you wanted for just asking. Went one time after the Plague and no dogs to be found, There were a few reservations had "guides" that would take you to towns to shoot but...
  7. rdmallory

    City trapping

    Might want to check, but most states it is against the law to relocate. It spreads disease
  8. rdmallory

    What is on the back of this Buck?

    Maybe he did get the jab and this was the results. He won't last long out in day light.
  9. rdmallory

    What is on the back of this Buck?

    I have seen him around the last two months.
  10. rdmallory

    Buying a boat that has set for years?

    You might check that might be the 2/4 engine. Runs on 2 cyl until you open it up. Mixed reviews. Check for varmints living in it. All hoses and wiring could be shot. I bought one that had been sitting for just a few years and it was full of ant beds and wasp nests. The one I purchased was...
  11. rdmallory

    Retired from NASCAR.

    Retired from NASCAR.
  12. rdmallory

    Looking Advice on Farm Purchase

    Flat land that can be farmed or soil banked will be high. Good deer land need to be maintained with food crops and fire lane cut. Neither will be cheep. I would suggest min of 100 acres if you don't want to worry about your neighbors. Otherwise they will control your deer population for you...
  13. rdmallory

    Pistol for a woman

    Go to a range that rents guns and let her try them. Let her load and rack one and see how she likes it. My wife went with a 327 mag revolver. "9mm Luger (Parabellum) rounds - on average - achieve a velocity of about 1140 feet per second (fps) while . 327 Federal Magnum rounds travel at a...
  14. rdmallory

    Seeing RED right now.

    I would be checking FaceBook Market, Craigslist, pawn shops and flea markets. I doubt the lazy Azz are planing on using it for work.
  15. rdmallory

    Ar kits vs store bought

    AR is just a platform. Decide how it is going to be used. Shooting prairie dogs at 600 yards or Killen hogs at 50. Don't need a $200 trigger for shooten pigs. But it is nice for the long range shots. Don't feel you have to stay with .223. 460 socom or 6.5 creed-more are also options. You...
  16. rdmallory

    Getting buzzed by drones

    80lb mono strung between trees on your land would sure slow them down. Doug
  17. rdmallory

    Walmart to stop selling pistol ammo and open carry in store

    Their store their rules. Just wish everyone would give the same respect to the cake bakers. Guess they don't have a problem with selling liqueur or cigarettes which kill more people that hand gun ammo. Doug
  18. rdmallory

    Last stop, WalMart

    That was my first thought, Road kill
  19. rdmallory

    what muzzle loader to buy?

    I have a Knight Disc for sale My wife bought me a Encore for Christmas so I have my Knight Disc for sale $150 FTF in Lexington Ky
  20. rdmallory

    20 ga. Slug Gun???

    T/C Encore Love mine, They make a nice 20gauge slug barrel, Doug

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