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    Mom finally went too the lord too rest

    Thank you everyone
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    Mom finally went too the lord too rest

    This morning my mom passed. She fought cancer hard but was too tired I guess.
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    Just a few thoughts or so…or maybe just venting.

    Prayers too you and your kin
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    Happy easter

    Like wish ever one a happy easter
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    Lil snow

    I know you guys missing
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    Average age of members here

    49 50 in August
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    Wanting to buy a new 22 wmr but need help choosing

    I have a savage 93 it’s a good lil gun
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    Super Bowl 2023

    did not watch the game did not know who won till I turned the news on few minutes ago
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    Prayers needed

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    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Shoveling snow
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    Could use some good thoughts....

    Prayers sent your way
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    Gas stove ban?

    What’s next farting
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    Has anyone seen any grouse

    I can send some down for you guys
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    Game is over was listening too the game on drive home said they had shock him not good
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    Prayers needed

    Prayers sent
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    Merry Christmas

    Too every one on this great site
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    Finally got one down

    That’s a nice one
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    Happy Thanksgiving all

    Happy thanksgiving

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