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    Longest without a buck

    5 years currently , 1 in the last 10 years , I like eating does and just have no interest in anything but a really good buck , plus I stink at deer hunting anymore
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    I mix cracked corn at like 30% to the rest shelled and yes it helps keep them coming in between the chance to put it out on the ground, just pray turkeys don't find it though cracked corn is crack to them
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    Late Muzzleloader Rut Activity?

    I once saw 3 bucks chasing a doe hard during the second fall shotgun Turkey season , and have seen some good chasing in late muzzleloader, some years.
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    Overall opinion of 2019 rifle season.

    Obviously the whiners finally managed to move the rut outta gun season this year
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    Overall opinion of 2019 rifle season.

    Saw a decent amount of deer but the least " rut " activity I remember in years. Saw tons of deer all summer so they are here but just very little movement, hunted in Marshall county btw.
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    Knee replacements

    Good deal proud it went well
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    Be Careful with the Crossbows

    In gun season it seems it's usually a brother in law
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    $$$ Crossbows

    My Ten Point Titan was top of the line when I got it in 2012 for $ 670 or so with a Steady Eddy , the new prices are painful, especially when I've had such great success with this setup. I won a cheaper model on FB so I guess I could swap both and my grandchild for a new Ten Point !
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    Be Careful with the Crossbows

    I think that's very possible also
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    Be Careful with the Crossbows

    I have been shooting one now since 2012 and I absolutely cannot imagine any scenario in how you could shoot yourself with one. All of the modern ones have a safety design that is going to keep them from discharging but I'm sure there's a way to do anything.
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    Monster buck killed in Hoptown

    He is " that guy " , this board always attracts them , wait till November !!
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    NBC (Nothing But Crap) News Asks Americans To Confess Their Climate Change Sins

    These environmentalists worship creation not the creator. I confess my sins daily because every sin is against God , not trees
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    One way to recover from surgery!

    I killed a doe opening morn then ( no shock to many here) had surgery yesterday for a serious hernia. Looking forward to getting back out in about 6 weeks. I've been where you were many times and it is a great feeling , congrats on getting it done !
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    Good deal on corn near BG

    Me too
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    Rage vs. Schwacker

    They are a good head also I killed a hog with one and have killed 4 or five deer with them before I actually switched to swhackers
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    Good deal on corn near BG

    so now you don't actually believe they eat clean corn out of a field do you?
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    Kyhunting Harvest report

    I killed a doe opening morn but got hernia surgery this week , gotta rest on my laurels for a while!
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    Rage vs. Schwacker

    Cant speak for Rage but I love the 2" shwacker, have shot 11 deer with one and never more than a 75 yard recovery
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    Big 10

    Awesome, congrats !
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    Good deal on corn near BG

    I've bought it for years from numerous people , its all dirty

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