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  1. theprofessor

    What is the Current Price Range on Deer Lease in Central Kentucky?

    I’ve never killed anything special, but I’ve also never paid a cent to hunt. $3600? That’s my mortgage for five months. That’s a year’s worth of 529 contributions. That’s a whole kid worth of braces. My family values don’t let me spend that much on a hobby, even if we were making $300k/yr.
  2. theprofessor

    Buying out-of-state rifles

    While you absolutely can buy a long gun out of state, some gun stores don’t know this and won’t even try. I think your larger outlets will handle it properly, but smaller may not.
  3. theprofessor

    New Bait / salt lick/mineral Ban for KY

    Drahts mis-spoke in saying spores, but he's right that humic acid can mitigate CWD. It breaks down the prions and reduces spread:
  4. theprofessor

    Virginia Buck

    What area / county is this?
  5. theprofessor

    Completed the Triple

    Envious. Strong work there, friend.
  6. theprofessor

    Virginia Buck

    I agree. I hunt VA and we just don't see deer that big very often.
  7. theprofessor

    N O V. 2 0

    Rockbridge Cty VA, with 23 degrees and a wind advisory. Cmon deers!
  8. theprofessor

    Cold weather gear, friends. And probably better to shop for this stuff in March or April.
  9. theprofessor

    Blessed again…..speechless….

    Well hot dang. Good on the young man!
  10. theprofessor

    The Shaman Nails a buck

    Good on yeh.
  11. theprofessor

    Infected deer

    Too late now, but: I think a processor has to be a bit more cautious. One ugly picture of something like that at their facility could lose them $1000s just in deer business, let alone custom slaughter. And if god forbid there were a real contagion, and they had to shut down… not worth it to...
  12. theprofessor


    Does the 228 count the 2.5 inches coming out from under his eye?
  13. theprofessor

    Time, to get in stand.

    Shooting light is :30 before sunrise, I like to be in place and still :45 before that. That probably means getting there an hour before shooting light, so I can climb up and fuss and squirm around, and also usually climb back down to, um, "shed some weight." Also depends if I'm going in solo...
  14. theprofessor

    Another senseless treestand death

    Should be state, and he was sentenced to life without. I couldn't find him either, but the search results look weird.
  15. theprofessor

    Weather next week (6th - 11th)

  16. theprofessor

    City Deer

    There’s dudes in the DC area hunting 200+ days/year. Mark Kenyon did something with a guy named…Taylor? Chamberlain?
  17. theprofessor

    City Deer

    VA pushes the urban archery program. It’s got a LOT of restrictions, depending on the municipality. But if you’ve got it all set, the season goes Sep 1-Mar 31, I believe. Archery and doe only. My city is 2.5 sq mi, and there’s usually about 10 kilt every year.
  18. theprofessor

    What do you pack to hunt all day?

    The longer I’m going to be sitting, The surer I’m going to be s***ting, And thus the first thing I pack is always my, uh, blood tracking paper. Extra release if we’re going vertical bow. Earbuds. If I’m gonna be in a hut blind, I honestly might bring my laptop to grade papers or study.
  19. theprofessor

    What do you pack to hunt all day?

    I actually laughed out loud. I bet you could kill deer with Old Crow or Kentucky Gentleman for a lot cheaper.
  20. theprofessor

    DRT or SRT methods

    Well, so far this has turned into a saddle thread. DRT and SRT are climbing methods. You could use either of them with a lock-on, theoretically. To me, the drawback of D/SRT is having to get a throw weight over a branch. 1. Many of the trees I want to use don't have branches until closer...

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