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  1. Rat

    Garden 2023

    Sounds great everyone! Don’t know what wilt you have there Drake but not good. Got 32 tomatoes in 2 weeks ago: black krim, better boy, big boy, big beef, Carolina gold, Rutgers, sweet 100’s and sweet millions. Also planted 32 peppers: bells, cubanelles, habaneros, chilis. Several eggplants...
  2. Rat

    good camping recipes?

    I personally like having bacon and pancakes my first morning in cast iron skillets. Save grease. Later that night, chop potatoes, onions, and fry in bacon grease. Add lawrys seasoning while cooking. If you are fishing I always bread some fillets and fry in bacon grease to go with the tators.
  3. Rat

    Nah....They don't want to ban stoves.....

    Unfortunately the manufacturing design is that the unit will fail just after warranty. More money for the manufacturer that way. Cheaper for the initial cost and then units don’t may long so you have people always needing them. Plan 10-15 years tops on any system. Really sucks but that is...
  4. Rat

    Steam canner

    You mean a pressure canner?
  5. Rat

    Trump looking like Biden

    Trump was the best President we have had. However he needs to show that he thinks before he speaks. I think age is catching up to him. Wish he would focus on his accomplishments and stop bashing his competition.
  6. Rat

    Let this type story be a warning...

    Even without the weapon, a mob surrounded the car and put his life in jeopardy. I would have shot too. Sad state of affairs in this country.
  7. Rat

    10mm ammo

    I have this. Shoots nice. Haven’t hunted with it yet.
  8. Rat

    Crappie fishing

    Never used a fish finder for crappie. Seemed like too much tech for what fishing means to me. Still to each their own. I liked the challenge of using the shoreline to determine where the fish might be. From what I hear, these new live scope things make it too easy. Which can only mean bad...
  9. Rat

    Medical marijuana ???

    I understand but I coach kids who’s parents smoke in their own home and kids tell me they hate it and get contact highs. Also if people were all for just the drug then do the drug another way. Plenty of options there.
  10. Rat

    Medical marijuana ???

    I’m all for medical as long as it isn’t smoked. The smoked pot I have an issue with. Smells like ass and also affects others that want nothing to do with it. Gummies and oil don’t impact me or my kids so have at it.
  11. Rat


    Problem lies in the reporting. I work in data analytics and statistics. The data isn’t really tracked well in the USA. And what used to be public data for reporting on individual death cases by case records is now missing. Only data I can pull now is some messaged combined dataset. I just...
  12. Rat

    Foreign Reporter Literally Bursts Into Tears Laughing After Biden Humiliates Himself: 'Fit for Duty'?

    Yeah, but the people that support him make imbeciles look like Einstein.
  13. Rat

    More woke retards punish girls team.

  14. Rat

    Inshore super slam

    Looks like a great time. Nothing better than being on the water fishing. Well almost nothing...
  15. Rat

    Tucker: This video tells a different story of Jan 6

    Amazing that allegedly the left have a brain, eyes, and ears. Sometimes with the way they ignore things to fit their worldview it feels like they would have to be deaf, blind, and dumb.
  16. Rat

    Tucker: This video tells a different story of Jan 6 was violent!!!! Says the idiot left.
  17. Rat

    Sick of this crap

    Dumb ass law. My fence would be virtual. As in anything that crosses gets shot and doesn’t make it. Anyone making someone else pay for something that is not theirs needs a good ass beating.
  18. Rat

    Please enjoy this video of a man charging his car in a dark parking lot for 16 minutes just to get the extra 11 miles he needed to get home

    If change is so good then in your logic climate change is awesome 😎 Really I love how they will not remark on the heavy metal mining that ev’s require.
  19. Rat

    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    99 cent pork butts from the other night. One was a salty sweet mustard rub and the other was a mustard hot chipotle rub.
  20. Rat

    LBL feral hogs

    Why is feral hog hunting illegal? They state that multiple times. Figure it should be year round open season. Or is it only illegal because it is public?

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