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  1. Bullet&bow


    I did a family trip out there in 2021 for about 5 weeks. I did not carry around the parks if on trails or sightseeing. Only in my vehicle for human protection. I would definitely carry bear spray instead nearly everywhere you go, it's been made really convenient and it's more effective in most...
  2. Bullet&bow

    Talk to me about zero turn mowers.....

    I had been watching this thread with nothing to add, since I have an old Husqvarna riding mower. I have limped that thing along for 11 years now, fixing this or that every year and promising to get myself something new . Finally went and picked out a 54" Cub Cadet with the steering wheel. Now...
  3. Bullet&bow

    Sources: GOP senators preparing for McConnell retirement

    Like him or hate him, he has been a bulwark for SOME conservative principaled senators' fights over the years. If he goes, who is your starting lineup? Speaker, whip, and and secretrary
  4. Bullet&bow

    1971 Muhammed Ali Interview on Race Resurfaces; The Interviewer is Left Speechless

    Heard this a long time ago and then again more recently on the Moe Factz podcast. Give it a listen, free thinkers.
  5. Bullet&bow

    Day trip ideas

    Then spend the next day fishing at nickajack lake
  6. Bullet&bow

    Day trip ideas

    Check out Chattanooga , forthe first afternoon, go to the Aquarium there, its huge and has a lot. My kids love the aquariums everywhere we go and that one is one of the better ones in my opinion. Then the nighlife and stuff downtown is usually pretty good. There is a great diner there called...
  7. Bullet&bow

    Stevens Model 94 16 gauge project

    I have an old Springfield 16 side by side that Alan sold to me years ago (Basstar). I have killed a ton of birds with it. Great gun and simple to work on. I think mine must be close to a hundred years old now. Goes with me every time I bird hunt. I find that the buttstock gets wiggly after...
  8. Bullet&bow

    Perfect SUV???

    Dang, picture won't attach
  9. Bullet&bow

    Perfect SUV???

    I know you said you want to pull a camper, but... We are in Cista Rica right now. Been here all month. We rented an suv. Was supposed to be a Suzuki Jimmy. Rugged little 4x4s. When we picked up the vehicle I was disappointed; they gave us a 2022 Hyundai Tuscon 1.6T . I thought ,"fuckin 4...
  10. Bullet&bow


    Contracted erlichia and rmsf at the same time from one tick back in 2019. Took 2 years to get over it on multi doxicyclene treatments. Do yourself a favor and treat you clothes with permethrin or something depending on your area. All year.
  11. Bullet&bow

    Who has fished in Canada?

    Thanks everyone for the replies. There's a lot of good info here. I haven't done a trip like this before and I look forward to employing the tips!
  12. Bullet&bow

    Who has fished in Canada?

    I have a trip planned for August in Northwest Ontario. It is a fly-in cabin that is on Loonhaunt Lake. Walleye, Pike, bass, lake trout and muskie. What was your experience? We are driving 16 hours to the main lodge and flying about 60 miles to our cabin. What would you do to ensure success and...
  13. Bullet&bow

    Holly tree

    I tried to kill a foster Holly in the fall by cutting it low and applying root killer. The damn thing has a 2' sprout coming out of the stump.
  14. Bullet&bow

    Who has seen the Biltmore Estate???

    Thanks for the tip.
  15. Bullet&bow

    Who has seen the Biltmore Estate???

    My wife and I share the same birthday and are renting a cabin in the blue ridge after Christmas for several days . I wanted to do things for free at the cabin, but she scheduled a candle light tour of the Biltmore for the 27th. I guess I will weigh in after we see it.
  16. Bullet&bow

    China and Russia in awe

    It's horrifying to think of all the wasted humans in this country. Just driving around this past election season and being able to identify your fellow citizens by their 'say no to 2' signs was depressing. So many people in favor of abortion.
  17. Bullet&bow

    China and Russia in awe

    Another way of looking at the retreat from Afghanistan: All that hardware left behind can create a major destabilizing factor for the region. A lot of enemies of the Taliban might think twice about action in country. We already know they're training pilots and crews on flying and mechanics for...
  18. Bullet&bow


    I guess I am used to having deer be alarmed by the site of humans. The axis still were quite spooky and so were the blackbucks. However , the whitetail just walked around everywhere, only a little wary of humans. Beautiful deer for sure, but they all were like items to purchase. The ranch owner...
  19. Bullet&bow


    I have been to Uvalde, there are some big ranches there with high fence. A lot of the ranch owners drop big hollywood names and talk about previous guests. The deer are huge, but it feels canned. I saw 180-200 class deer just walk right up to my tower and watch me pee off the side. The...

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