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    I have a 700 BDL in 270 Win that I bought from my dad for $400.00 when he wanted to get something lighter (he likes to stalk at times). He bought it at a pawn shop outside Ft Campbell in the 70s. IIRC he told me he paid $150.00. The year stamp is 1963 I think. Still in really good shape...
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    Bull Elk Poached

    It's the government. It will spread.
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    Bull Elk Poached

    Not for long:
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    Floodgates about to open out west and elsewhere?
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    Virginia Buck

    3rd photo looks clearly photoshopped to me. Possibly first one as well.
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    Habitat mgt info

    This is a company in Indiana, but I imagine a good bit of it translates to Kentucky. The "Our Services" and "Resources" sections had good info from what I scanned quickly:
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    How do you handle trespassers

    This is a good idea. Don't know if KY does this too: "As Anderson researched trespassing laws in other states, he found that North Dakota currently has a trial of a new database on the Fish and Game website. On the site, landowners...
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    How do you handle trespassers
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    Coon Hunters Trespassing Last Night

    I would say that's true just based on statistics. I would also guess there are more than 10x as many deer hunters as coon hunters in the woods, so in reality, the % of deer hunters who trespass vs coon hunters is probably lower.
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    Blessed again…..speechless….

    Awesome buck! The math is pretty impressive, too. :)
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    Creepy deer

    The leaves can really throw you off. I can't count the number of times I thought a herd of elephants was walking behind me, and it turned out to be one chipmunk making all the racket moving through the leaves.
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    Saudi Arabia says F U to Biden

    There's a lot of that going around.
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    Russia Accuses British Navy Of Nord Stream “Terrorist Attack” "Russia will soon deploy an underwater nuclear-powered drone which will make the whole multi-billion dollar system of US missile defense useless," said, according to a BBC translation...
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    Roe v Wade

    Just not the unborn ones.
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    Roe v Wade

    That would alleviate overcrowded prisons and keep taxpayers from footing the bill for decades of imprisonment. Win-win.
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    Roe v Wade

    The death penalty is a punishment for a crime committed by the one being executed. What crime did the unborn child commit, exactly?
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    Game changer

    Welcome to the neighborhood. I live just south of Parkersburg.
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    Deer Rifle Poll (prep)

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    Deer Rifle Poll (prep)

    270 Win. I have a Rem 700 BDL from 1963 chambered in this that my dad bought at a pawnshop for $150 in the 70s.
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    Funny Hunting Stories

    Years ago, my father, brothers and I hunted with some friends from church. One of them was a kid about 5 years younger than me. My dad, brothers and I used .270s, .243, and a .25-06, all bolt-actions. The guys we hunted with used semi-auto .30-06s with hand loads of 165 grains, IIRC. Always...

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