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    New at this!

    Guys i have been wanting to try this for awhile now. So tell me what i need to get and were. Like calls,decoys, and is Walmart calls good enough or somewhere else. I have no clue on yotes.
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    Made it official today!

    Very nice! Congrats hope i get one like that some day.
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    Elk Poached Pike County

    Doesn't surprise me! I live in Pike county and when you hunt here its usually on reclaimed land from a strip job. But for some reason you can hunt here year round and never see a game warden. I get so pissed about these things going on. But the guys that do these things have figured out that...
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    Who's Going? Last weekend!

    Well im going but not for deer. Im going for the Mr Tom im still waiting on my first turkey with a bow!
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    Bowhunt Came Together! (Pic)

    Great late season job!!!
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    Bear hunting anyone?

    Im so so jealous !!
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    Shoulder mount....3 1/2 weeks?

    I do taxidermy work in east ky. For what i can tell by the photos the eyes are in backwards. That white in the front of the glass eye is a good indicator . But that's just my opinion of what i can tell by the photo.
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    Snow Birds

    I went out last Saturday when the snow came and didn't have much luck even tho i knew the area were the birds were. Well i went back this Saturday morning and the snow was still on the ground .I searched and searched for a bird not a sound out of them and no tracts were to be found. Well about...
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    Snow Birds

    Ill be out again this weekend! Didn't have much luck last weekend i hope this weekend will be better.
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    Shoulder mount....3 1/2 weeks?

    Well im a taxidermist and from experience the mount is fine.After two weeks i do all my finish work painting and so on then send it out.
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    Dang hunting blind...%@#$$#!

    Well i went out Saturday using a blind that a friend gave me. Well this thing is heavy but i tried it anyway. Its the ameristep 2 man chair blind. I can say one thing im glad it was giving to me instead of me spending a dime on it. I would not recommend this blind to anyone unless it was going...
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    I live in Pikeville . Do any of you guys know someone who has a beagle with good hunt for sale.
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    Fall Turkey Hunting Tips

    I killed my buck for the season so i have turned back to the turkeys. Friday i went to a site were i have seen turkeys and put me up a blind this will be the first time i will have ever hunted from one. I am going to give it a week then start using it . Its a ambush site between were they roost...
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    Young Hunter killed in accident today, Graves County

    Ive got a seventeen year old daughter. And i couldn't imagine this. I feel for the family.
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    Are you seeing more or less deer in Kentucky now, than you did 5 or 10 years ago?

    I think here in the far eastern part of the state there probably double the population.
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    A couple of bucks I'm very proud of......What a great week to be a dad!

    Great bucks. You can tell in her smile she had a ball.
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    Any one know where a cheep taxidermist is around Bowling Green ky?

    Talking this cheap crap in Taxidermy is crazy. Guys it not like a new gun you oil and put away and as long as you keep oiled it it stays just as beautiful as the day you bought it.Your deer head can be dusted and took care of but if it wasn't tanned correctly it can start falling apart...
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    Another Pike County Buck

    Very nice deer. Glad to see another big Pike county buck!
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    Live update from the toilet

    He made BROWN.
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    Never seen him before

    Dont know the score but he is a nice deer. He also has a very nice hide, mounted he will look very light gray.

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