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    Commonwealth Banquet

    The Commonwealth Chapter of Quail Forever invites you to attend its 26th Annual Auction/Banquet, Saturday, March 4th at Claudia Sander’s Dinner House in Simpsonville. For tickets call Chuck Juengling at 267-5625 or email [email protected]. The price is only $60pp/$85cpl and includes dinner(s)...
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    Commonwealth Quail Forever 25th Annual Banquet

    Commonwealth Chapter 25th Annual Banquet Wildlife Habitat Fundraiser Saturday, March 5, 2016 CLAUDIA SANDERS DINNER HOUSE 3202 Shelbyville Road Shelbyville, KY 40065 CASH BAR 5:30PM BUFFET DINNER 7:00 PM PROGRAM 8:00 PM SILENT AUCTION LIVE AUCTION RAFFLES...
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    posted signs

    Way, way back when I was a lad, if there were no signs posted it was generally accepted that fences were to keep cattle in, not hunters out. Deer were only found in a few isolated pockets in our state, and rabbits, squirrels, and quail ruled the hunter's world. But even then, I understood that...
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    Anyone see any Loons around Kentucky ?

    While not common, I've seen Loons on both Cumberland and Dale Hollow.
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    Ky Legislators Crossing the Line

    Cut open a Democrat or Republican elected official in Kentucky (and to only a slightly less extent nationally) and there really isn’t much difference . . . they both exist to perpetrate their own form of self-dealing, and the strangle hold they maintain on their respective party’s seats. The...
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    bird dogs and meet and greet

    From my experience, I would agree that for folks who hunt with dogs, it’s as much (if not more) about the dog work as it is the game! Getting together with folks who share a common passion is always worthwhile. What better way to learn from one another, and develop your sport – whether its...
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    deer processing in Crestwood

    Does Crask offer any deer sausage processing? Does he process for Hunters for the Hungry?
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    KDFW Commissioner Appointment

    fcfishking said it all, and said it well. I too support Stuart. In my opinion, as Third District Commissioner he has worked hard to serve the sportsmen and women in the Third District, and all across the state as Commission Chair, and has earned a second term. The Governor is now in the...
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    Muck Boots HSUS Supporter?

    Folks, thought this sounded strange, so I contacted manufacturer and received the below response: We would like to respond to our loyal customers and provide additional information about recent posts on social media regarding a monetary donation to a local animal care organization. Our post...
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    Decal Giveaway

    I like it!
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    2014 Commissioner Bull Elk Tag Now Available!

    Current high bid is $9,000, which is a "steal" if you think about the cost of going on a quality western state elk hunt with a legitimate chance to take a B&C Bull!
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    2014 Commissioner Bull Elk Tag Now Available!

    Hunt a Bull Elk in Kentucky - Be the lucky bidder on an at-large Kentucky Bull Elk Permit for the fall 2014 season! This permit is good for any bull or cow elk, and can be used anywhere in Kentucky’s Elk Restoration Zone during the 2014 firearm, archery or crossbow elk seasons. The...

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