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    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    We’ll keep you all in our prayers
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    John Kerry Signs Global Pact to Crush US Farmers

    Just another way to control or eliminate another ,middle class way of life,(coal,tobacco) are two good examples.Kerry and those I think I know what’s good for my people ,don’t know their a-s from a hole in the ground.
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    Garden 2023

    Just another predator that needs to be dealt with ,to hard to put and take care of that stuff ,and let it get destroyed
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    Down goes Biden!

    Just an opinion here ,we all know about opinions ,him and his health will be the scape goat ,for all the corruption ,and money laundering,they’ve done.Guess what it will be just like ,the druggies doing a crime,he’s sick ,he didn’t know what he was doing.Then he goes in a multi million dollar...
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    The post anything thread

    Dogs looking good Barney
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    Lazy sorry SOB’s

    Probably how they live at home
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    GOP Rep Calls for Removing Kevin McCarthy as Speaker: ‘Fed Up with the Lies’

    Business as usual,on the hill ,they’re still feeding the gators ,steak.
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    Need some prayers!

    Hope everything work out ok ,prayers sent
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    Why I'm not a republican…

    Instead of a new suit,this time ,he just got the factory
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    That looks like that woman ,they put on a Jack hammer ,at Island Creek mine ,that time.
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    Red oak

    I love them big ole trees ,so majestic
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    Senator Lindsey Graham says US must back Ukraine to avoid China taking over Taiwan

    All politicians make their money the same way ,the whole world knows
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    Few Gills

    Looks like a fine partner you got
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    Gubenor Andy Backed by Coal Miners

    I’m about to the point ,don’t vote for any one,already in office.
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    South Africa Hunting Trip

    Good pics
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    Professional and a lot of college sports went south ,when they started denying Christian and American beliefs
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    The post anything thread

    Good listen
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    Kids and shooting

    Sounds to me like that girl ,loves her dad very much ,looks like to me ,she likes to compete ,I believe you’ve been guiding these kids in the right direction.Keep posting ,love your stories .
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    2023 Bee Thread

    Bee gum is all we ever heard them called
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    John Kerry Declares War on US Farmers: Gov’t Farm Confiscations ‘Not Off The Table’

    They‘re just setting the stage ,for the so called communist to take everything over .

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