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  1. elmucho277

    Prime Dealers

    In Range Archery is still a Prime Dealer I believe, located in Richmond, KY. I've been there before and tested out some bows. They seem like a good outfit and had a nice range there to test bows
  2. elmucho277

    Trail Camera Cellular

    I've used the Tactacam in the lowest elevation creek bottoms on my farms and they worked great with one bar. Verizon is king where I'm at, but all depends on what works best in your area.
  3. elmucho277

    Glock 30s .45cal

    My favorite concealed carry
  4. elmucho277

    Out of State License

    Ohio and Indiana are both reciprocal states, in that if your home state allows out-of-state landowners to hunt their own land w/o a license, Ohio/Indiana will let you do the same in their state. Kentucky is not a reciprocal state, so anyone from Kentucky that wants to hunt their own land in...
  5. elmucho277

    Hunter sabotages anothers stand

    A 60 day sentence is pretty weak. Should've been convicted of a felony for that
  6. elmucho277

    Old truck with 30-30

    That one's definitely not California Compliant with that package
  7. elmucho277

    Age this buck 12/17/22

  8. elmucho277

    N O V. 2 0

    435 yards, that's a poke!! Nice Shooting!!
  9. elmucho277

    November 9 Roll Call

    Have you ever actually done this? Was considering doing the same thing but was afraid the noise would spook deer
  10. elmucho277

    Anyone else mow the path to your stands?

    Use a weedeater with a blade if the paths are too steep for a mower. Better yet, rent a billy goat brush mower and take it about anywhere. I always mow and use a backpack blower to clear my paths at the beginning of the season, but sometimes the new leaves come down and cover them back up a...
  11. elmucho277

    How big??????

    My guess would be 128", best of luck to you if you go after him!!
  12. elmucho277

    Couple of bucks from the weekend.

    Pretty wild seeing how bright the flash is on that other camera in the background on that second video, best of luck to you!!
  13. elmucho277

    Gloves or red hands

    I think I've worn gloves once, didn't care for them as it felt like I lost my dexterity. Even wearing gloves, I would still have blood from my wrist to my elbows anyway so I don't wear them. To each their own.......
  14. elmucho277

    Hopkins County

    Well how about a recap of the hunt?
  15. elmucho277

    New Reveal user

    Answer to your question is that it's 250 or 500 pics per month. I get the 250 per month package on my Reveal X's which works fine since I don't use them on bait piles
  16. elmucho277

    G5 Deadmeat vs Megameat reviews

    Was the shot angled upward since it was taken out of a blind to where it only got 1 lung?
  17. elmucho277

    Homemade Scent elimination feedback

    I tried making that concoction last year, though I cannot remember the ratios of water to peroxide. Anyway, the finished product still had a noticeable smell to it so I chucked it. Maybe using a smaller ratio of peroxide would be better, but I don't think I'm going to mess with it anymore
  18. elmucho277


    The chinadermics that I have a stockpile of. Still 100% recovery rate after 4 years of use with them
  19. elmucho277

    Tactacam Reveal X

    I can typically make out enough detail in the regular pics to see which deer I'm looking at. When you pull the cards they'll be good pics. I've never felt the need to pay extra for the HD pics. Been very happy with the Reveal X after using them all last year
  20. elmucho277

    Iowa deer preference points

    Unbelievable mass on that one!!

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