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  1. supergoat80

    Young 13 Pt

    I agree with mudhole i think he’s 4 but either way he’s gonna make a huge jump. Can’t wait till you get him.
  2. supergoat80

    Vortex spotting scope

    Any one have a vortex spotting scope? I’ve been reading up on the gen 1 and 2 razors. Thought I’d ask you guys or if you have a viper your thoughts on it. I’d love to be able to step up above these but they are at the top of my price range.
  3. supergoat80


    Pretty good Sitka sale on Black Ovis if anyone is interested.
  4. supergoat80


    So I’m taking a trip to Yellowstone and the Teton national park. We aren’t gonna do any backcountry hiking but my question is would y’all pack a gun? Like a 44 for bears or just something for people?
  5. supergoat80

    Tina Turner

    No lip singing and the dancing she did! The stars of today have no clue how to be an entertainer. Mrs Turner was it.
  6. supergoat80

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Getting ready for a We we’re probably drunk episode
  7. supergoat80

    With all of the recent odd post

    With all of the recent odd post about cattle mutalations, fake moon landings, and weather balloons. I just wanted to point you guys towards The We were probably drunk podcast. It covers most of these things in some sort of fashion mostly drunken banter. It is mine. If this is no allowed please...
  8. supergoat80

    Chicken Fighting is Getting Rough

    It’s a fucking sad day! They’ll send you to prison for fighting a chicken but they are happy to let you kill a baby. Our priorities are ass backwards in this country.
  9. supergoat80


    Looking for a couple female guineas. With in 25 miles of Brandenburg. Thanks
  10. supergoat80

    Quick outerwear question. (Sitka gear)

    These items are on Camofire today. First 2023 Sitka Saturday.
  11. supergoat80

    Quick outerwear question. (Sitka gear)

    Bass pro and Cabelas carry the fanatic bibs and jacket. I’ve never seen the vest in store. I have the bibs and jacket. I have a stratos vest. If your going somewhere cold get the whole jacket.
  12. supergoat80

    Deal today

    On camofire
  13. supergoat80

    Biggest deer you’ve ever seen on the hoof?

    I chased this deer about four years in a row. His best year I think he would have went over two hundred. Found him dead that spring when he didn’t show up on the late season cameras. One shed was over 80 inches the other was 94. I saw this buck only four or five times. He’s also the deer in my...
  14. supergoat80

    Music we never talk about

    A lot of those first recordings were done in a grain or silage silo in Shelby county
  15. supergoat80

    Music we never talk about

    Yeah those first few records so like a good ol jam band
  16. supergoat80

    Music we never talk about

    My mourning jacket. These guys made top notch music from Kentucky for their first four or five records then they go wired but man I love those first records. Check them out.
  17. supergoat80

    Who lives in Shepherdsville?

    Haahahahah I saw this earlier! Grew up in hillview my brother and best friend are police officers in Shepherdsville. I’ll get the report.
  18. supergoat80

    Proud of my son

    My youngest boy is getting offers to come play ball at places. Most of the money for the scholarships is through grades and I’m really proud of him. He’s not afraid to wear his Meade county Republican Party t shirt even though he catches shit about. He’s in a bi racial relationship because he...
  19. supergoat80


    Yeah everywhere in e town and Radcliffe 239 today.
  20. supergoat80

    Young parents

    My son and his fiancé are wanting to homeschool his son. She was homeschooled till high school I feel she is a little different. Also my grandson loves being around other kids. I want him to go to school I’ll handle all the liberal bs.

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