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  1. bumhunter

    New here!

  2. bumhunter

    Stone Branch

    Looks good!
  3. bumhunter

    Trump Indicted

    I was hoping that trump would work behind the scenes to help republicans take large majorities in congress. I’m not sure he can win the general election. Too many people both dems and republicans hate him. I’ll vote for him if he is the republican candidate, but I’d rather have someone who could...
  4. bumhunter

    Gubenor Beshear Veto

    If Andy’s done so well, then we need to eliminate the property tax. You never truly own anything the government can put a lean against!
  5. bumhunter

    Stone Branch

    Looking good! I’d love to do some control burn on my property, but fire makes me nervous.
  6. bumhunter

    Hey Folks

  7. bumhunter

    Elevated Blind Recommendations?

    I bought a tripod stand a few years ago when it was on sale at Walmart. I put a blind over it. It works great In foul weather.
  8. bumhunter

    3 Nov Roll Call

    Been out since 6:30. Seen one doe at 8:00. Just had 2 dogs, looked like pit bull mixes come right under my stand! Might be time for some sss!
  9. bumhunter

    10/27 roll call

    Sam Same here, hunted till 11:00 this morning not even a squirrel running around. Came back out at 3:00, I have 6 toms feeding in front of me now.
  10. bumhunter

    Evening sit

    I was out. All I saw was 5 coons!
  11. bumhunter

    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    That’s why it was smart for trump to plead the 5th admendment.
  12. bumhunter

    Road kill monster

    Wow, that’s too bad, you know someone around there was probably just waiting for a chance at him.
  13. bumhunter

    Increasing Inflation Act

    We need a national sales tax and abolish the IRS!!
  14. bumhunter

    Trump is done.

    Remember, the government can lie to you, but it is Illegal for you to lie or even miss state anything to them!
  15. bumhunter

    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    Number one rule when dealing with the government, and I worked for them for over 30 years, never tell the government anything! Even if you just miss speak or get a date wrong, the government can go after you for making false statements! Remember, it’s illegal to “lie” to the government, but they...
  16. bumhunter

    I’ve got mice problems! need help

    I have some of those too, they don’t seem to work that well.
  17. bumhunter

    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    To put this in perspective, this would be like the police showing up and spending 7 hours tearing your house apart because you MIGHT have an overdue library book! If it was really this serious, Hilliary would be in prison for destroying over 30000 emails!
  18. bumhunter

    I’ve got mice problems! need help

    The battery ones don’t seem to do much. The one that hooks to the car battery has so far, but I do have 3 on my truck, 2 on my car, and one on my lawnmower and utv.

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