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  1. Gooser

    Big Jo worked his magic again

    Good looking mounts!!
  2. Gooser


    You men are wearing them out I still haven’t went been still cutting trees up!! Did buy me a new reel it’s a yumoshi ultra light if it screws up it will end up in the lake don’t care for these open face spinning reels!! Got talked into buying it my son will end up with it anyhow!! I’m just...
  3. Gooser

    Bought a new toy home today.

    great find tell us how it shoots!!
  4. Gooser

    Diamondback AR 15

    I have two never had any problems whatsoever good shooting guns!
  5. Gooser

    A few birds

    Saw two toms breeding hens in two different fields and days in Indiana on the way to Champaign Ill on hwy74 thought it was kinda early!! Seen small groups up north and down here large groups funny how each states are different!!
  6. Gooser

    ocellated turkey hunt

    Beautiful bird congrats!!
  7. Gooser

    'Lil Chainsar Carvin!

    That’s awesome great work!!
  8. Gooser

    Average age of members here

    Be 50 in July
  9. Gooser

    Revolver and Pistol for sale

    That’s awesome
  10. Gooser

    Revolver and Pistol for sale

    H Hows it shoot
  11. Gooser

    Revolver and Pistol for sale

    Good looking gun!! Glad you got it Greg!!
  12. Gooser

    First dog

    He’s doing great for his first year!! Im like the others new he would get a yote!! That’s awesome
  13. Gooser

    Cat #2- pics added

    He’s on fire for the first time trapping!! Just need a yote and I’m sure he will get one!! That’s awesome he’s having great luck!
  14. Gooser

    Huntin house

    Turned out nice for you all!! Best part saved you some money
  15. Gooser

    Huntin house

    Looks good raspy it’ll be nice in the rain and real cold!!
  16. Gooser

    Prayers needed

    Prayers up for you
  17. Gooser

    First Coyote

    Keep after them, nice one!
  18. Gooser

    Self tanned deer hides

    Did a great job looks awesome
  19. Gooser

    Creek action

    Great catch
  20. Gooser

    Old truck with 30-30

    Sure would like to have both

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