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    Couple of unseen traps

    This is from a guy whose had a LOT of traps stolen over the years.
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    Couple of unseen traps

    Put some good lure or bait in your trap and the coons have no problem finding it.Now if your only trapping your own land you’ll probably be alright but if your moving around covering a lot of ground I think your just asking to get ripped off.
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    Talk to me about zero turn mowers.....

    I have a 54 inch cut Cub Cadet zero turn with the steering wheel.Had it about 4 years.Does a good job no problems so far.
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    I have hunted 16 days straight not seeing much and only heard 2 gobble all season.Well this bird came in to my decoys at 3:45 today.21 yard shot. 21 lbs 10 inch beard 1 inch spurs.
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    Got one

    Nice bird
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    First bird down

    Nice bird
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    Kentucky Fur Takers Sale

    Main buyers were boy from Glendale runs Ky Hide and leather.Boy from Illinoi.Guy from Tennessee and one more buyer.Coyotes from 15 to 11.Red fox 17 to 14.Coons 4.75 to .25 Saw some otter bring 35.Sold one nicely spotted cat I had for 67.Saw some muskrats Bring 3.75 Heard beaver brought pretty...
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    Thursday morning Mickey

    Nice one
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    Rookie trappers total

    Sounds like a good season
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    Monday Dog

    Yea I’m thinking it’s a LONG time till November
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    Monday Dog

    Going one more day
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    Monday Dog

    Picked up a female on a trail set this morning
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    Monday Dog

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    Last run

    Good to see the youngsters involved in trapping.Gives me hope for the future
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    Nice catch’s like that black coyote
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    Last run

    Good job
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    Kentucky Fur Takers Sale

    Having our fur sale next Saturday March 4.Doors open at 8 sale starts at 9.Not at E-Town this year going to be at Jefferson County Sportsman Club.Address is 12100 Waterford Road Louisville Ky.That’s the address but it’s closer to Mt Washington.About 3 miles north of Mt Washington on Bardstown...
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    Friday Cat

    Good to hear from you Fullstrut.Sounds like you and Steve are still after them.
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    Friday Cat

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    End of the line triple!!!

    You had a great season

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