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  1. FOWLER2671

    21/22 Super Thread

    If I didn't shoot crows my poor dog would have left me long ago!
  2. FOWLER2671

    21/22 Super Thread

    I'm glad someone has had some luck! Hardest ducks I ever tried to work this year! I was decent on crows. Shot 2-3+ on most hunts. Ducks, not so much. Friends are averaging 35 per day with kern, pumps, ice eaters etc
  3. FOWLER2671

    Never Thought I Would Live To See The Day...........

    Its three dogs since I hunted there..... Maybe 2007 or so? I still had my first lab hunting but he was barely able to go..
  4. FOWLER2671

    Never Thought I Would Live To See The Day...........

    Mermet Lake in Ill. Just across the river from Ballard used to kill more ducks annually then Ballard with about 5% of the amount of ground...
  5. FOWLER2671

    Lbl feralhogs

    The only wild hogs I've been around were what we called "Boarhogs" in Germany. I never hunted one as a German Hunting lic is about as time consuming as getting a nursing degree... But the Germans are DEDICATED to forest management!! Far more then the US. They still have plenty of critters to...
  6. FOWLER2671

    9mm for Concealed carry

    I don't carry at the moment... A friend had a 43... Too small for my hand. I finally got my hands on a 43X and have been very pleased. Fits my hand but still compact for if I do need to carry.
  7. FOWLER2671

    Grackles are awful

    They do adapt quickly!
  8. FOWLER2671

    Grackles are awful

    They usually show up with snow to raid the bird feeders.. Never happened yet this year? I open the bathroom window and pull the shades and shoot them with the pellet gun.
  9. FOWLER2671

    2021-22 Quota Hunts

    I have not hunted the refuge since 2006.. But I have broke 3+ inches of ice on Flat Lake with a boat. We could not even get to the spot we picked(They did not mention that) Whirled around trying to toss the ice out of the hole with poor results. Killed one duck. Birds should still be there...
  10. FOWLER2671

    Good old days

    I'm originally from Maumee Ohio(Famous for the spring walleye run) 65 model. We lived within sight of the river when the leaves were off the trees. I could walk down to a dam on a creek and scratch the leaves to find a stray hook, some line and a few worms and catch hundreds of small bluegill...
  11. FOWLER2671

    Any “big money” bank officers on here?

    I have a friend that was dealing in used cars... Notary forgot to stamp a title... He took the title and two half dollars to the vice... Clamped down on em and never had an issue!
  12. FOWLER2671

    Oyster mushrooms in July?

    Just picked 1.5 Walmart bags full of a flush! Dehydrator is full!
  13. FOWLER2671

    21/22 Super Thread

  14. FOWLER2671

    21/22 Super Thread

    I have killed crows on most duck hunts this year. My gurl doesn't cull em!
  15. FOWLER2671

    How many read outdoor/hunting magazines??

    Still a quality Magazine! I despise the decline of journalism into advertisement of the latest gadget. I would much rather read a 40 year old magazine that had articles with interesting stories! I do watch lots of Youtube non commercial stuff.
  16. FOWLER2671

    Liquor thread

    Fireball hits the spot!
  17. FOWLER2671

    Liquor thread

    I picked up some irish creme and butterscotch schnapps... Makes for a slippery nipple!
  18. FOWLER2671

    Where is all the geese

    Last February when it got real cold. The big lake bays were freezing up... We hunted three days but the geese did not fly? We picked up and had about 50 sitting on the ice a couple hundred yards away, I used to think all the geese on ponds went to the lake when the ponds froze up but last...
  19. FOWLER2671

    21/22 Super Thread

    That seems to be the norm... That why I like big floods that make the corn clubs cry. Ducks spread out but that's how I like em.
  20. FOWLER2671

    21/22 Super Thread

    Friends on corn club killed 66 yesterday Crying the blues over only seeing six today.. I haven't fired a shot in four trips...

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