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    This makes perfect sense. As to why I felt water was running over my brain afterwards, in the middle of the night I would wake up with those sensations for days.
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    Beckman's dog training

    I dont have a dog but I really enjoy watching this guys videos and listening to him break stuff down. I like that he uses multiple methods and doesnt cookie cut the dog, but treats them according to their disposition, breed, and issue. Anyone else watch these?
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    Yes and thats a major problem. We only can work off anecdotes. Anything can seem incredibly prevalent if its reported on constantly in the news. That doesnt exactly mean its happening more frequently now than before. Thats why people need data. Which we dont exactly have. But if this thing is...
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    Yes. This. Lets get back to that angle. Where are the statistics coming from?
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    To be fair this stuff happened pre covid
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    250K Dodge Ram anyone?

    Thats how Satan gets you.
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    Here’s your “conservative” supermajority at work in Frankfort

    I mean... this is nothing but cyclical. Its biblical and well documented. When societies fall away they fracture.
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    The one that got away

    Lots of posts on land/real estate. I cant think of a single place we looked at and lost out on that when i reflect on it im glad we didnt get. One was 20acres in nomans land. Very secluded, top of a hill. Their agent hated our bid and talked the owners out of it and i watched it sit on market...
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    The one that got away

    Well that first part got graphic but the rest of the story was sweet :) Judging from the second story you have every reason to celebrate your good fortune!
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    I KNEW IT .... It's all those stinkin' Meese's fault

    Big Cookie says thats misinformation.
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    Red Cross Produces Maps on How to Enter US Illegally Without Getting Caught

    I mean... theres about to be a lot of vacancies here so.. got to share the wealth and fill the seats.
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    What is the shape of the Earth?

    The importantest question is what the earth identifies itself as. We shouldnt assume its round based on our ideas of what round is. The earth can be whatever it feels like it is.
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    Well, when it doesnt do any good to cry...
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    Na Na Na, Na Na Na...Heeeey, goodbye

    So there we have it. She was stalking you.
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    Yeah i mean--if the tin foil is true the world is about to get a lot quieter. Almost hate to miss it.
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    Na Na Na, Na Na Na...Heeeey, goodbye

    I will agree that hol seemed to add very little in the way of meaningful content and i had them on ignore too and it made the forum more enjoyable for me. But as a human being i felt like they were likely just a tad lonely and maybe in part just looking to entertain or gain good or bad...
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    POLITICS ‘I Am Your Retribution’: Trump Promises To ‘Totally Obliterate The Deep State’ In 2024

    I was paying attention. And im saying its suspicious.

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