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  1. screamin6x6

    Euromount with beetles

    I have the same problem. Lol. My beetles have found that, other than my bear skull, hot dogs are going to be their primary food source for the foreseeable future.
  2. screamin6x6

    KY Bear Hunt

    Looks like 13 checked in yesterday. I'd say that's pretty good, considering the weather.
  3. screamin6x6

    Still miss check in station.

    I was in the good old days and didn't even know it. It sure added a lot to the fun of rifle season.
  4. screamin6x6

    4yrs later Old Bruiser dead

    Congratulations Andrew. Great deer.
  5. screamin6x6

    Ready to hunt

    I'm becoming that trashy myself. LOL
  6. screamin6x6

    Essentials for Ky??

    Congrats on your tag. I've been on a couple elk hunts in Kentucky so I'll give you my $.02 on essentials. 1. Just listen to your guide and don't over think it. He'll let you know what you need and anything more than that is just extra crap for you to keep up with. 2. As far as boots, just wear...
  7. screamin6x6


    That's pretty cool. And it's hard to beat a Case Trapper model.
  8. screamin6x6

    Browning TSS

    Browning TSS out shoot both the Apex Turkey Ninja and Federals out of my .410.
  9. screamin6x6

    Sunset in western Oklahoma

    Good hunting. I hope you kill a Giant, Greg.
  10. screamin6x6

    Two big cats on trail cams by two different people in Ohio County.

    Looks like 2 bobcats to me. Both have the correct markings on their legs and the second for sure has a visible "ruff" around his face. Could it be that many folks don't realize that a bobcat actually does have a tail? Just not as long as other types of cats.
  11. screamin6x6

    Who misses the old check stations?

    It was always fun to run by the check station. I know many guys now can't imagine going through the inconvenience of taking your deer in to have it checked. I expect many of them never got to enjoy what those of us that miss it did either. I think if they had, maybe they would look at it a...
  12. screamin6x6

    Anyone Ever Catch a Weasel?

    My old trapping partner caught one in a 1.75 Duke at a dirthole set once. We weren't even sure what it was until KYBOY identified it for us.
  13. screamin6x6

    Elk Lottery

    PM Sent
  14. screamin6x6

    Ruger lcp 380

    They are worth it. Great insurance for the price.
  15. screamin6x6

    Son scored this morning

    Congrats Jackson.
  16. screamin6x6

    Looking for tent advise

    I have 4 canvas tents from . Great quality and a pretty good price.
  17. screamin6x6

    Favorite turkey vest....

    Nomad. Everything is easy to access and it is not a pain to move around in.
  18. screamin6x6

    Smoke Phase Turkey

    Several years back there was a smoke colored hen along the Mountain Parkway. I would see her a couple times a week for about a year.
  19. screamin6x6

    Looking for a new gun

    With that budget, I would look at Savage in whatever caliber suits you. And spend the rest on the absolute best glass you can afford. I picked up a Savage Model 10 in 6.5 Creedmor and the gun is much more accurate than I will ever be. I put a Vortex 5x25x50 on it, and it's amazing how accurate...
  20. screamin6x6

    Son scored

    Congrats Jackson on a great deer. Man Greg, that dude has grown up. Lol

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