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  1. CSS archer

    Otter mink and beaver hunting dogs

    You could call Frankfort, 800 858 1549 and ask for the furbearer program. I've never read that in regulation anywhere, but I suppose it's possible.
  2. CSS archer

    Otter mink and beaver hunting dogs

    It would be legal during furbearer season in daylight hours.
  3. CSS archer

    New Bow

    20 or so years ago I planted a couple of pecan trees. One was shading the back deck so the wife asked me to cut it. I put away a few staves, and figured pecan was a hickory so it ought to make a bow. I made the wife one last year. This year I wanted to make a new bow to hunt with.. It took...
  4. CSS archer

    Shroom ID

    I've fried them, put in spaghetti sauce, on pizza and jumbalaya, the pale chicken as you have is better than the yellow, not as tough
  5. CSS archer

    Traditional Arrow Penetration

    Perfect arrow flight will get you better penetration than poor flight from a heavy arrow. For me, I shoot about 50 pounds carbon xpress maxima 250's which I think are a little stiffer than the 3555, with a 100 grain brass insert and 125 grain broadhead. I definitely get better arrow flight...
  6. CSS archer

    golden eagles in Ky?

    We get them in winter, but I don't think there is a record of nesting in KY.
  7. CSS archer

    Question on tracking dogs

    You can't legally"use" a dog to aid in the act of taking big game other than tracking on leash after the shot.
  8. CSS archer

    bow hunter regulation

    Yes, you need the hunter education or 1 year exemption if born after 1974.
  9. CSS archer

    What Happen to this deer.

    looks like normal shedding of a winter coat to me or it's actually a buck ( they tend to have bald spots at the shoulders from working scrapes when they had antlers..) Or from crawling under fences.
  10. CSS archer

    Self bow help

    It's good, especially that you debarked it, you don't have to chase a ring. Hickory can take set and absorbs humidity (moisture) easily. It's tough hard wood and if you tiller it well will last. hackberry, elm, ash, dogwood, persimmon, black locust, can all make good bows, osage though is king..
  11. CSS archer

    Self bow help

    Your working limb thickness will be fairly even, it tapers from the fades into the working limb. You want it to bend evenly over the working limb, otherwise it will be whip tipped. The more of the limb that is working the more likely the bow will survive and perform well.
  12. CSS archer

    Arkansas CWD

    The problem is CWD is a disease that can "possibly" infect humans. It's always fatal and with high infection rates of 40% as seen in some western areas populations would suffer greatly annually. It's the "mad cow" of cervids. EHD is minimal as it only occurs as significant outbreaks every...
  13. CSS archer

    Identifying a tree

    I'd have to rate beech well above walnut, well, unless I was using a climber! There are beech trees here on the river that have nuts nearly every year, bumper crops every 3 or so.. As for cedar, the thermal cover and food value of the seed for birds, (turkeys fit there) is pretty high. The...
  14. CSS archer

    State Bounty on Coyotes?

    Bounties don't work, even when government trappers tried to eliminate coyotes by poisoning it was pointless. They are too adaptable, can eat anything. I'd be happy to kill a bunch for $90 a head though.. sign me up!
  15. CSS archer

    Prescribed Fire

    Being that it's fire season, you can't burn within 150' of woodlands or brushlands until after 6 pm through 6 am, fire season ends April 30.
  16. CSS archer

    KY Public Lands

    I would look into hunting LBL and Fort Campbell, I think that's good for 2 at LBL and 4 at ft campbell with KY license.. During the week is the best hunting...
  17. CSS archer

    Deer Feeder during Turkey Season

    If it's part of the curtilage of the house, meaning maintained as the yard, its allowed. This does make turkey hunting illegal around there.
  18. CSS archer

    Be aware if you hunt public land

    I trapped to pay my way through college. I've had my dogs get caught in my own traps and other folks. I was grouse hunting the DBNF near Morehead once and my setter got caught in a cat trap. Guy had set foothold in paths off the trails and threw meat chunks around. The old setter was 8 or so...
  19. CSS archer

    Crosman Airbow

    It doesn't fit either firearm or archery, if legal at all IMO it would be only during firearms season. That would be a question to direct to LE at 800-858-1549
  20. CSS archer

    At long last finally connected with my ky trophy

    Congrats on all accounts, especially for making it a hunt and making new friends. East KY gets a bad rap, most are truly good folks. The dumb elk have already taken a car ride... lol

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