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  1. Cornpile


    Here is a doe I seen this morning,fawn was moments away from being born.
  2. Cornpile

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Finished replacing a deck ,I made 20 yrs ago. Pretty much had to replace everything. I did it by myself,worked on it for about two weeks. The gazebo,I had one of my daughters and her husband help me put it up.
  3. Cornpile

    Old Slickhead

  4. Cornpile


    Killer photo,nice...
  5. Cornpile

    Habitat question: Mature Cedar Stand

    Here is a suggestion Leave the cedars for bedding and security zone ( green area) Bulldoze three on four good paths back into the big cedars (gray roads) Bush hog bushy old grown up area where paths from cedars enter for open shooting set up feeder and mineral sites (brown area) Box blind set up...
  6. Cornpile

    Dad turned 90 today

    Happy Birthday to your Dad, cherish your parents as long as the almighty lets you.
  7. Cornpile

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    I been taking a weather worn out 20 year old deck apart last four days. Its a 14 x30 ground level. Got two sections back together and putting flooring back on. A hell of a job,I need a beer too. Good idea Feedman and a big sandwich of that shoulder meat,KYBOY
  8. Cornpile

    EV's vs Fossil Fuel Cars

    Here is some tip of the iceberg for you,,,, You cannot tow a EV at all. It has to be set on wheel dollies to be loaded on a rollback or unloaded. Tow bill will be much higher.Hope you dont get stuck in a snow or mudhole and run your battery down. Tires only last 30000 miles and they cost...
  9. Cornpile

    Bud Light Honors Trans

    Check out this new beer,sold a million dollars in 12 days and 70000 dollars in shirts
  10. Cornpile

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Getting ready to head to Madisonville Ky for the weekend. Going over to see two of my grand babies for their 1st year birthday party.
  11. Cornpile

    Deer hunter attacked by dogs

    Shot two dogs at 20 feet in the face with a 16ga double barrel Killed a bunch of my Grandmothers chickens. I was waiting for them when they came back to finish the job.....
  12. Cornpile

    The post anything thread

  13. Cornpile

    10mm ammo

  14. Cornpile

    How about an NCAA tournament post?

    Im with you. Old rocky top boys need to stomp a hole in Duke. Im not a Tenn fan,but I just dont like Puke at all....
  15. Cornpile

    End of quota hunts?

    Here is my thoughts,,, WMAs open first 5 days of gun season Black powder/Shotguns only Need to purchase an additional 5 dollar permit for residents or 10 dollars OOS hunters with your statewide deer tags/hunting lic Either sex,one deer only. Deer taken applys towards your state tag No baiting...
  16. Cornpile

    Ruger Hawkeye 7mm/08

    I like the old Rugers,but if your going to spend 850 on a rifle,,,,I would check out the Bergara Ridge.A dam nice rifle.
  17. Cornpile

    Na Na Na, Na Na Na...Heeeey, goodbye

    I think her TeePee has finally crashed......
  18. Cornpile

    Few more euros done!

    I like Euro mounts,clean looking job on those....
  19. Cornpile

    Crazy price$$$

    Well if I figured this right,I could hire a guy to mow my yard every year for 60 yrs. I would pay him 50 bucks for 20 mowings each year,1000 bucks. Oh yeah ,I did not count the at least six battery replacements at 17000 bucks every ten yrs.... whoever bought that mower is a freakin idiot....
  20. Cornpile

    In the market for new binoculars

    I also have a pair of the Vortex Diamondback HD 10X50 binos. I watched a coyote blink his eyes at 200 yds down a ridge at almost dark one evening during rifle season....plenty good for me

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