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  1. fireduck

    Anybody Buying Coons

    Anybody buying coons. I want to trap 20-30 on my farms and will set cheap frozen unskinned.
  2. fireduck

    Blessed Season

    I was fourtuant enough to fill all my tags again this year. I didn't hunt much early season but hunted October 30 to November 21. My first buck of the season was my archery buck at Fort Knox. He wasn't a gaint but I needed an ice breaker he was a 15 inch 8 point. My second buck drove me crazy. I...
  3. fireduck

    Wife's First Bow Kill

    She seen this guy cruising at 3:30 and he came in for a shot at 5:30.
  4. fireduck

    Current Ft Knox Info

    Its early August and it begins. How's it going K9trapper.
  5. fireduck

    Does ozonics work?

    They help tremendously. Nothing will ever cover your scent 100%. There are a lot of silly gadgets out there but the ozonics is the real deal and my cover your scent just enough to get that extra second to make the shot.
  6. fireduck

    Great Weekend at Fort Knox

    Yes it has been a dam good season. My wife shot a big one on Knox we couldn't find that would of made it so much sweeter. I still have a bonus buck tag for Knox that is only good for 5 days. Its a bow tag and I'm only going to get to hunt one out of the 5 days. If I can kill 4 good bucks in one...
  7. fireduck

    Great Weekend at Fort Knox

    Me and buddy put down two good ones Saturday at Fort Knox he shot his at 8 and I shot mine at 11:30.
  8. fireduck

    Trick or Treat Buck

    Somebody flipped the switch yesterday. Killed this guy at Fort Knox today. Had him at 70 yards yesterday and he winded me. Hit the can call today he came in to 10 yards. The rage was devastating.
  9. fireduck

    2014-2015 deer harvest pics

    image.jpg (111.4 KB)
  10. fireduck

    First sit only took two hours

    First sit of the year and this guy came in. Killed him in a swamp and by the time we got him out both of us were covered in nasty stinking mud. image.jpg (111.4 KB)
  11. fireduck

    When u realize army worms have completely wiped out a ten acre food plot.

    My seed guy said wait a week r so and let them move on or they will destroy what ever you plant back. With all the moisture we have had wheat and oats will come back pretty quick. Just broadcast it on top and run your culipacker over it.
  12. fireduck

    When u realize army worms have completely wiped out a ten acre food plot.

    I lost my food plot in 4 days this week to army worms. I had wheat and winter peas planted we hung stands Saturday and by Wednesday it was bare dirt. It was one of the best plots I have ever had.
  13. fireduck

    UPDATE on Target Buck

    I'm trying to get the pictures of my Icloud and its giving me fits.
  14. fireduck

    UPDATE on Target Buck

    I killed a doe at LBL that had 10 inches of a Easton 2216 with a muzzy broad head between her shoulder blades. It was from the year before where someone shot her straight down. It was pretty disgusting lots of infection. never would of known it was there if I han't shot her she looked healthy...
  15. fireduck

    UPDATE on Target Buck

    I will try to dig out the pictures shot him around 27 of October and got pictures till the end of January when I pulled all my cameras. He went nocturnal but came to the corn almost every night did get one or two daylight pictures. You could see the hole plain as day. He just moved down the...
  16. fireduck

    UPDATE on Target Buck

    No the arrow did not malfunction. 27 yard shot he was chasing a doe and came to a licking branch. Punched right through him thought it was a done deal. Gave him 2 hours blood trailed for ever till he quit bleeding. Showed back up the next week on the cameras with a big hole in his side.
  17. fireduck

    UPDATE on Target Buck

    Not 100% but 99% that scare on his side is from my rage 2 years ago. I got lots of pics of him after I shot through him. I figured he went your way. He has grown some over the last 2 years. I think he is 6 years old pretty sure he was 4 when I shot him.
  18. fireduck

    Three days left

    I give it a 10. First 6 hunts I seen 4 birds die between the Daughter, wife, and myself. I have had the nephew close but can't seem to close the deal. I rate Fort Knox a 4 its been real tough there.
  19. fireduck

    2013 Spring turkey harvest pics

    Fort Knox Youth Hunt
  20. fireduck

    Kids Fort Knox Birds

    We had a great morning.It was slow at first kids were complaining and then when the fog burnt off the thunder chickens went wild. We called in 4 diffrent birds to one tree one got bumped by my wife trying to fix the nephews shooting sticks. The second one come in and my daughter plowed him 24lbs...

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