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  1. Little FR

    Paranoid in Shepherdsville

    As an old man in eastern Ky once said to a veteran friend I had during WWII about Hitler, the peckerwood gotta take a leak off the back porch sometime.
  2. Little FR

    Chewing tobacco

    Mmm coffee and a Camel. That, I miss.
  3. Little FR

    What if!

    I love my job, I would have skipped college though and been 4 years closer to retirement.
  4. Little FR

    RUSSIAN STANDOFF US announces HUGE military build-up in Europe including F-35 squadrons and troops on Putin’s border as WW3 tensions rise

    If Russia and China were on board together they absolutely could “win” a nuclear war. Iran already has ICBMs all they need is a warhead to kick it off, that’d be enough to get the ball rolling if we responded and hit the Russian bases already in Iran. Russia could completely destroy the UK...
  5. Little FR


    Better yet, 12ga loaded with dragons breath rounds. My brother emptied two full magazines out of his carry gun one day at copperheads in a woodpile at the church. We wasted some diesel that day.
  6. Little FR

    RUSSIAN STANDOFF US announces HUGE military build-up in Europe including F-35 squadrons and troops on Putin’s border as WW3 tensions rise

    Those F-35’s are as dangerous to the pilots as the enemy. We’re going to need a couple trillion extra to keep them running. They are supposed to be the most advanced aircraft delivery system for nuclear warheads. That is because nobody uses aircraft delivery system for nuclear payloads. What a...
  7. Little FR

    Paranoid in Shepherdsville

    Amateur… you make your flower beds into the earthen barriers, put adhesive plastic over the windows so they don’t shatter and have your reinforcements measured, pre drilled and labeled. 😆 That fellar may as well wear a bullseye if something actually does happen.
  8. Little FR

    France, Germany to Reactivate their Coal Plants

    Now to reactivate the coal mines.
  9. Little FR

    Chewing tobacco

    I never could chew sunflower seeds but I still chew up whole coffee beans and keep them in my cheek, chew green tea same way. I always chewed Lancaster, that chew stains your teeth bad bad. I weened off by chewing on unlit cigars first Cubanos then backwoods. Then I started smoking them and...
  10. Little FR

    Simple things that bring happiness…

    Can’t beat a hot cup of coffee on the front porch watching the sun rise over my garden listening to the chickens while cinnamon rolls cook for the girls. I really enjoy a good bacon cheeseburger at a restaurant I don’t have to cook. We don’t eat out much.
  11. Little FR

    Roe v Wade

    I’m getting married in 3 weeks. We both have children. We don’t want any more children due to our age. We have a plan A in place, plan B is to raise a surprise gift from God and love it. Thankfully our grandparents and parents felt the same way.
  12. Little FR

    A lot of screwed-up people amongst us.

    It’s true. Ive been to a few “bring your own stick” funerals. Everybody wanted to poke them, to make darn sure they were really dead.
  13. Little FR

    Electric tractors

    Same. When people ask how long I’ve been driving a manual I always say I learned to drive a stick shift on a Super M when I was 6.
  14. Little FR


    One thing about it, the more folks that freeze will be less folks that are hungry. I just refilled my LP tank, hopefully I can put off freezing long enough to starve.
  15. Little FR

    Wille Nelson

    I enjoy classic country, honky tonk, outlaw country, heck I even enjoyed the film Red Headed Stranger. I just can’t enjoy his vocals. It has always grated with me. Hopefully nobody will get me tickets as a wedding gift or birthday present. Happy for y’all that are going though.
  16. Little FR

    What happened to my dog

    A lot of bicyclists and such carry hornet spray instead of pepper spray/bear spray. I wonder if it was something like that.
  17. Little FR

    Electric tractors

    The pulling torque and all should be there. Could even hook up a solar panel over the cab. I can’t see these running a pto very well at all. Also when the batteries start exploding, catching fire and mice/dust destroy the electronics it’s going to be a nightmare. The coal mines can’t even...
  18. Little FR

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Moved my gun safe from one room to the other, then went to church. After that, painted my old bedroom pink for the girls. Trying to move a furnished 4 bedroom house in the city into a furnished 2 bedroom bachelor pad in the country may be the death of me. That or having to look at wedding...
  19. Little FR

    $$Gasoline Prices$$

    My car says not to run E85. The programmer on my truck recommends %10 ethanol due to the timing advancement but they both run so much better on boat gas 90 octane non ethanol.
  20. Little FR

    Brown Sugar

    I prefer molasses for cooking and jerky to plain sugar. I keep both and salt in stock at house. Can’t say as I’ve ever needed brown sugar in anything Ive ever cooked but good to know in case I get a hankering to bake something fancy like.

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