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  1. rockhousehunter

    Party draw for hunting unit

    Looks like its for 3 hunters and not 5 unless I'm reading the wrong thing lol.
  2. rockhousehunter

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Worked summer school lol. Our teachers making good money for teachers at $40/hr.
  3. rockhousehunter

    Looking for Knight and Hale Slate Calls

    I think I have an Ole Yeller laying around but its my sons so he may not part with it lol.
  4. rockhousehunter

    Native persimmon trees

    Do u have to have a male and female tree to produce fruit or how does that work.
  5. rockhousehunter

    Cave Run Lake campgrounds

    Yep and like the cheese sticks and cinnamon bread at the Gatti's buffet.
  6. rockhousehunter

    New Minnesota state record bird. Impressive spurs.

    That's what my girlfriends used to say........
  7. rockhousehunter

    Deer plots/ baiting

    Get the outta here with your bullshit. Greg is a class act and nobody wants to converse with you. Reading that last paragraph you typed makes it blatantly obvious you don't have a clue about deer hunting. Now you can join Huntress on the ignore list.
  8. rockhousehunter

    Heading North soon. Anyone else?

    My brother has a girlfriend in Windsor, we’ve been up there one time. Thanks for the information.
  9. rockhousehunter

    Palmated in Nebraska

    Beautiful Merriam, looks like full stock not a hybrid. Does that area you guys are hunting usually have those full Merriams?
  10. rockhousehunter


    Killing a crow and hanging it up is the only thing I've ever tried that really works. I get a 12 ft. 2x4 and sharpened one end like a stake and drive it in the middle of my field corn then come off the top with a piece of wood at the top of it and hang the crow by the foot with fishing line. Let...
  11. rockhousehunter

    Heading North soon. Anyone else?

    Ok Greg, won't do that again because of the lake being rough with waves or just not good fishing in the fall? You didn't enjoy the lake? Did ya catch any fish in that wind, I'd bet not many. Crap, I was wanting to head up there this summer but I always take your advice on things so that trip...
  12. rockhousehunter

    Heading North soon. Anyone else?

    Could you give me details on where you guys stay, like what hotel. Also what ramp you launch out of? I'd love to go up sometime too but don't have a clue. While you're at it will you set my hook and filet the Seemed like I was asking a lot but in all seriousness where you stay at and...
  13. rockhousehunter


    We’ve been fishing Triplett and yeah we kinda have noticed that too. Our red eye catches are down too.
  14. rockhousehunter

    Heading North soon. Anyone else?

    Had several buddies go up to Dunkirk and to Lake st Clair and catch smallies. I’ve never been, when is the best time to go up? Why do people go up there this time of year? Are the fish doing something that makes people go or what lol?
  15. rockhousehunter


    We take our senior trip there every year. I went in 1991 and my oldest son just went 2 weeks ago. I'd like to go back on my own after my youngest has the opportunity to go with his friends.
  16. rockhousehunter

    Hornady SST 20 gauge slugs

    That's a good slug. One of my 220's shoot better with those and the other likes the Accutips, strange.
  17. rockhousehunter

    Ammo In Stock Heads up

    Yeah, I got a Savage 220 about 3 years back, didn't pay a dime. Talk about a proud feller.
  18. rockhousehunter

    Lowest harvest totals in last 12 years

    I’ll admit you’re a good turkey hunter. When a gobbler gets within 300 yards of you it smells puss and comes in wide open.
  19. rockhousehunter

    Lowest harvest totals in last 12 years

    L This is an awesome site until you respond to anything. We’ve none said a word to each other, other than simple disagreements on occasion. And most of us have even met each other. And since you don’t care about the site, well, bye.

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