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  1. UK Hunter

    Tracking dog south central ky

    My son shot a real nice buck this morning. Good blood trail but we lost him near a briar thicket. Anybody near Columbia, KY have a tracking dog?
  2. UK Hunter

    Two mornings in a row!

    Yesterday as it was just starting to break daylight my son and I were watching a doe and yearling eat pears in the field. All of a sudden I hear a faint grunt and me and my son both looked at each other. Well the buck grunted the whole way to the pears. It was still too dark to make out the...
  3. UK Hunter

    Help me age these bucks

    I'm not worried about scores. Just wondering how old you all think they are? Hope either will show up in the morning to give my son a shot. .
  4. UK Hunter

    Live from the blind

    Man is it raining. At least this Rhino blind is keeping me dry. Season is winding down so I hated to not get out this a.m.
  5. UK Hunter

    Nice 8

    Look who showed up on the Lord's Day. Must have known I would be there because of church. Check out the other buck sneakin in on the 3rd pic. Wish he would have posed for a better shot.
  6. UK Hunter

    Unique buck

    I love the character on this buck. Unique rack, double throat patch, and stockings. Got this last guy shaking off the rain.
  7. UK Hunter

    Few pics

    Few of my favorite pics I have taken lately
  8. UK Hunter

    Moultrie D-55 IR?

    I got a Moultrie D-55 IR Camera for Christmas. Anybody have one or any info about it?
  9. UK Hunter

    Son's rifle buck

    My 10 year-old son, Riley took this 8 pt. during modern firearm with his H&R .243. He had been hunting all season with his pa because he doesnt like the treestands yet. I picked him up after school and headed to the in-laws farm. When we got there Pa wasnt able to go so we weren't for sure...
  10. UK Hunter

    Son's First Turkey

    Took my 9 year-old boy on his first ever turkey hunt this morning. We saw 2 toms, hens, and four jakes. Couldn't pull the big boys away from the hens, but we were able to get a shot at the jakes. I'm not sure who was more excited, me or him!
  11. UK Hunter

    South Central wade fishing

    Anybody fish streams in south central kentucky?
  12. UK Hunter

    Can't wait until spring!

    I know its early, but spring will be here before we know it.
  13. UK Hunter

    Jumped this guy checking my trail cams

    Hunted hard so far this year for this guy and hadn't laid eyes on him yet. Couldn't hunt yesterday morning, but on my way home I decided to check my cams(9:00 a.m.). Pulled up to where I always park when I hunt. Hadn't walked 20 yards through the woods and there he was with two mature does (less...
  14. UK Hunter

    Anybody else love their out of town hunting neighbors?

    Passed up a nice eight pointer opening morning at 6:30. My 9 year-old son was hunting with my father-in-law and he was headed their way so I let him walk. This is my first year bow hunting and of course being first day of gun season, I left the bow at home. Had plenty trail cam pics of this...
  15. UK Hunter

    A few of my 09 photos

    The first 2 are the same 9 ptr., 2nd 2 are of a 10ptr., and the last is an 8.
  16. UK Hunter

    Late season sparring

    Caught these 2 young bucks (6 & 4 pt.) doing a little late season sparring. Not the best picture in the world but you can at least see what's going on.
  17. UK Hunter

    Monster buck killed by young lady

    I can't remember were the photos of the moster buck that the young lady killed earlier this year, but I talked to the local game warden today and he said the dear was aged @ 3 1/2 yrs!! One can only imagine how big he might have gotten!
  18. UK Hunter


    Caught this bobcat on the day after Thanksgiving in my cornpile. I have my camera set-up on 30 second delay and in the photo before this guy was a squirrel. Couldn't tell if he got him or not. Just thought I would share with everyone.
  19. UK Hunter

    Wide 9

    I originally posted this buck as a wide racked 8 pt, but new photos have revealed a 9 ptr. Let me know what you all think he will score. [/IMG]