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  1. Little FR

    Good News For a Change- rutdaniels/mossyoak#

    Rut Daniels signed with Mossy Oak. My daughters favorite hunter, we never miss a video.
  2. Little FR

    Jeremys Razors, finally an honest commercial

    Apparently this was a joke but they built a legitimate razor company out of their dislike of Harry’s wokeness. Not gonna lie, that’s pretty awesome.
  3. Little FR

    Youth season April 2nd and 3rd

    Been lining up some prospected hunters. I try to introduce a few youths and new hunters to the sport every year. Y’all gonna be in the woods?
  4. Little FR

    The Extensive TSS discussion Thread.

    I feel we need a TSS thread. People can vent their fears, complaints and praise of the merits of all that is TSS. With some TSS vs Lead included. Here is some information regarding Pellet count. And density.
  5. Little FR

    16ga TSS Patterning Board today.

    Apex #9 TSS. Wingmaster with fixed full choke. 20yds and 45yds front and back of target. 9x11 printer paper. Had well over 100 on paper at 45 yds. I gave up counting. 20yds 45yds all in all I’m happy with it.
  6. Little FR

    WTB Muzzleloading Shotgun

    Looking for a blackpowder muzzloading shotgun. Don’t want anything fancy, particularly nice or new. Single or double barrel. Let me know if you have one. Never owned one but have shot a percussion cap model my dad had.
  7. Little FR

    Reloading Shotgun Shells (component sources)

    Where do you all source your overshot cards for roll crimping? I found a load I really like. 22pellets of #4 buck with wad. I have been using waxed-paper muzzleloader 12ga overshot cards for roll crimping. I was thinking today I’d like to use some plastic overshot cards. What’s a good known...
  8. Little FR

    Bragging Board 2022 - Fishing Photos

    Repost from the now expired Bragging Board 2021. Caught some rainbows today through the ice.
  9. Little FR

    Neighbors with aggressive dog

    Sorry for long post, I’m a little upset. Well, I am deaf now. Stepped out on my porch for my morning cup of coffee. It’s pitch black outside. I hear a growl just off my porch, had an oh $h!7 moment…. Drop my coffee cup straight down on the concrete and pull my pistol, hit my flashlight (I live...
  10. Little FR

    My crossbow broke

    I purchased my Centerpoint Sniper 370 back in August of 2018. It is heavy but hits hard and drives tacks to 70 yards with custom bolts and upgraded scope. I love crossbow for when my shoulder is acting up. I got it restrung last summer after 500 shots or so and 3 seasons. Took turkeys, deer...
  11. Little FR

    WTB FFFg blackpowder

    I’m getting low on real blackpowder. Goex has gone out of business. I’m located in western KY. Message me if you have any or stumble upon any in a store. I use and prefer FFFg but sometimes use FFg. Not looking for pyrodex, triple 7 or other substitutes. Just Real blackpowder. Thank You.
  12. Little FR

    How many read outdoor/hunting magazines??

    I was looking around today and realized in this digital age I still do a lot of paper copy reading. Do any of you still get Field and Stream or any other hunting monthly’s?
  13. Little FR

    Savage A17 HM2 magazines (5)

    I have 5 .17 HM2 (Mach2, not 17 HMR) 3brand new as delivered from Savage and 2 that have been used but are not damaged. Traded in rifle. If anybody on the forum needs them $10 apiece. Shipped. Part # 55258. they are $23 new.
  14. Little FR

    Christmas Day-21 Roll Call duck, deer, squirrel, etc

    Making coffee right now. Going to chase some coots and mergs, ducks too if I’m lucky. Family stuff starts at lunch. Hope everyone that is hunting stays safe and catches their quarry, several of them. Also, Merry Christmas and God bless.
  15. Little FR

    Trapping photos 2021/2022

    I hate to thread jack everybody’s posts with all my opossum success stories. Post photos of anything unique/big and maybe share some set tips whilst your at it. Nabbed these fellars last night on some 110’s. Did first set yesterday. They are ruining our ponds.
  16. Little FR

    Roll Call 12/12

    Heading out. It is crisp. Good luck to everyone. Be safe. God Bless.
  17. Little FR

    Roll Call 12/11

    Praying everyone is safe. Anybody else hitting the woods this AM? temperature swing from 70 to 30.
  18. Little FR

    WTB Colt .380 pistol

    Looking for a Colt .380 IV/Mustang. Prefer blued non stainless. Preferably in rough usable condition. Prefer 6 shot rather than +2 model but will look at any of them. They make a polymer frame but looking for steel frame. Had one that was stolen. Looking to replace it. Watching some...
  19. Little FR

    Health Insurance Renewal, WHEW!!

    Had appointment today with my health insurance agent. I haven’t crossed any mile stone ages this year. It went up %30. I about fell out. They were trying to make me feel better I guess by telling me all the great Covid features this plan had. If I raised my deductible $1k dollars it was a %15...
  20. Little FR

    Need new scope for HM2, suggestions

    I have a A17 Mach 2 savage. I’m fixing to send it back to factory for repairs. It has a nasty habit of rupturing cases, bolt seems to be unlocking prematurely. Wish I had gotten a bolt action or lever gun, any ways. I have to clean it thoroughly every 40rds or so (down to dry patch) and it helps...

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