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  1. KYH5N1

    Post season gobbling report

    Those nonexistent turkeys around my neck of the woods sure have been doing a lot of gobbling this week. Anyone else heard any? Spring squirrel opens tomorrow (5/21) and I'm anxious to hear gobbling reports from participating individuals.
  2. KYH5N1

    Educating turkeys by calling to them

    So, I wholly understand the logic with KY calling preseason laws. I fully believe that if you actually call turkeys in and spook them, they become pressured. I do not, however, believe they become "call shy". If they did, they would soon be nonexistent. Every time a hen yelped, gobblers...
  3. KYH5N1

    Bird Flu

    I'm sure most have heard that Avian Influenza has been found at a few commercial poultry operations in W. KY and in IN. Just wait until the farmers start spreading chicken poop because they can't afford a 400% increase in the price of fertilizer. Let's go Brandon!
  4. KYH5N1

    Nest predators

    Got a couple more weeks to work on those "egg suckers". I like to work on them hard the last few weeks before the feed ban begins.
  5. KYH5N1

    Watch those antlers

    From here on out, better watch those antlers if you kill a buck. I got pictures of a young 8ptr that has shed one side on 12/11. Deer looks healthy? Make sure that doe you shoot isn't a buck that's already shed.
  6. KYH5N1

    Flats and post

    Any of yall ever used pine straw in leiu of grass clippings for covering on post or flat sets? I'd like to hear some opinions.
  7. KYH5N1

    Broadaxe XC

    I'm having trouble finding Broadaxe XC, any suggestions? I'm in North Central KY, Henry Co.
  8. KYH5N1

    Closing Day Rituals

    Ok folks, let's hear 'em. I'm usually tagged out by then but my day starts the same as any other during season. Up early, dressed, coffee, and head to a spot I hope to hear a gobble. Sometimes I'll never walk away from the truck. Just stand and sip coffee and listen. Other times I'll walk...
  9. KYH5N1


    They are taking their toll! Found 2 "feather slicks" in the past 2 mornings. I believe 1 was a coyote or bobcat. The other I think was an eagle!
  10. KYH5N1

    Can't believe. ...

    I can't believe DH13 hasn't told you fellers about the Booner killed over in his neck of the woods this week (11/5). Looks like it came straight outa'Canada!
  11. KYH5N1

    Farm and plot equipment

    If anyone is looking, consignment auction at Powell's in Campbellsburg KY Saturday, August 17th. Several small tractors, mowers, tillers, grain wagons, etc. for the farm or foodplot work. Exit 34 on I-71 in Henry Co.
  12. KYH5N1

    Easter Eggs

    Found this nest this morning (4/21). 13 eggs, no sign of the hen and nest was wet so I don't think she's sitting yet. Going to be some lonely gobblers very shortly.
  13. KYH5N1


    Congratulations to all the youth hunters this weekend and to the mentors that took them hunting. Thank you all for helping to continue the turkey hunting tradition. Every new hunter makes us stronger and the more hunters that care about turkeys the better.
  14. KYH5N1

    Turkey Hunting Videos

    If any of yall want to see some great Turkey Hunting, check out Chad Claycomb's videos on YouTube. This guy has it going on. Super footage and production combined with awesome calling. You can thank me later.
  15. KYH5N1

    New arsenal

    Few new mouth calls courtesy of Ridge Top Custom Calls.
  16. KYH5N1

    We ready, we ready.......

    Time to inventory the gear, the calls, the ammo. Pattern the guns and maybe secure a few more places to hunt. Predator control should be in full swing. Break the calls out and practice, practice, practice.
  17. KYH5N1

    Spring Morning in December

    Upper 40's,and tho a wind advisory is posted for later in the day, it was still and foggy. I slipped in close to a known roosting area and waited for gray light. As the eastern sky lightened I began hearing quiet puts and tree yelps. I inched a bit closer and chose a good wide white oak to...
  18. KYH5N1

    Save your money!

    You guys in the North Central part of KY can save your money on buying corn! The oaks 'round my way are loaded with acorns! The storms the last week have been covering my yard with red and whites alike.
  19. KYH5N1

    Get 'em and quit 'em!

    Time to get new hunting license and quit piling the corn!!
  20. KYH5N1


    What? No talk about the WHO Turkey Hunting Championship? Some BIG $ on the line! SMH..

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