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    Rage hyperdermics cause I have a bunch of them bought on sale. Once they’re all gone I’m switching back to fixed. Probably QAD exodus.
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    Winter rye cereal seed

    We’re doing oats, crimson clover and 7 top turnips in about 5 acres of plots this year. Hopefully it’ll work out. Found a deal (I think) on uncertified oat seed, much cheaper than by the bag. Hopefully it’ll germinate decent.
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    Winter rye cereal seed

    Check Drake’s in Morgantown There is another farm store right as you get into town coming from BG on the right as well before the McDs on opposite side of road, Green River Feed Mill you may want to call.
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    Run 'N' Gun Set Up

    XOP and 4 small hawk helium sticks, one with an aider. Still don’t truely run and gun but am much more mobile.
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    Fried or sautéed. Making me hungry.
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    The world is indeed laughing at us.

    We’re in a world of trouble. Current puppet masters are trying to drag us all down to the same level where we have no choice but to rely on guberment handouts. Dems been doing it forever with certain groups, just on a broader scale now.
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    Is Everyone Watching Their 40l-Ks & IRAs

    Had my bi-yearly check in with my advisor this morning. I like him but starting to doubt what value there is in having one, down 20% this year, sure better then NASDAQ and S&P but not good. Seems like none of them have any vision and they do slightly better than the market and think they’re...
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    Grandpa's deer

    As he got older seems he got more into catch and release. Sorry for your loss, sounds like you have some good memories of time spent. Like the post above, never got to hunt with my grandfather either, he passed when I was 8 or 9 and he was one of the few in the family that hunted. He had a...
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    Problem with deer is not many processors have the space to hang em, they get hammered all at once and have to push em out as quick as they can. Need your own walk-in to do it or pray for cold weather! Seems it doesn’t stay consistently cold enough until January…..and even then ya never know...
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    That does seem high, paid about $600 for a quarter, that was much higher than last year. All depends on hanging weight though. Slaughter house went up about a $1 a pound on the killing and packaging. Been getting a 1/4 every year for about the last 10, farmer had such a hard time dealing with...
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    I hate Moultrie cameras

    Me too, I have around 8 Brownings, had 2 go bad after about 6 seasons. One went underwater and still worked for a year after. All strikeforce models. All have worked right out the box. Only issue I have with Browning is their finishes. They bleach in the sun, have a few that are almost white...
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    Iowa deer preference points

    Late muzzy can be probably the easiest season to kill a good one IF there is food left on the farm and it’s cold. Guy who set me up with the land we bow hunted hunted the farm we were on, said it was a deer desert, no crops were left. I was seeing 10-40 deer a day a few months earlier. He...
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    Iowa deer preference points

    What zone and gun or bow? There are zones that you can draw a gun tag every other year if not more often. Gun tags are easier to draw given the timing of the seasons.
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    Iowa deer preference points

    The two guys I go with both missed the deadline for preference points this year (after I called and reminded them). Pissed! Probably going to be 6 years now instead of 5.
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    Where's the ammo and primers Part 2

    Wish they would be honest, we’re keeping supply where it is so we can maximize profits without having to invest in expansion. Why expand when you can grow profits without having to expend any corp capital? Not mad about it, it’s a business but don’t BS the public either. Only frustration I...
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    Found a "SHED" Today.

    There are much cheaper ways to find sheds, a little more leg work required and it seems not as effective. Hate that, with prices where they are for everything hope they can be patched.
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    Infringement on hunting rights

    What a crock of doodoo! Could pass though, any liberal non-hunter will be good with it. Too dumb to realize the slippery slope they’re on.
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    Second Shots

    Several times but after the first one I’m usually just making noise and wasting ammo. Don’t think I’ve ever killed one that I missed with the first shot.
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    Clot shot got me. Had a PE several weeks after second dose, ended up in ER thinking I was having a heart attack. Then another clot in my calf in March. After seeing a hematologist and donating gallons of blood for tests 0 genetic or other markers for blood clots; no family history, on...
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    Buddy had one go out while he was on vacation. Full of mani and tuna. Fortunately it was in his garage. Ratchet strapped it shut tight and right to the dump. For all that have cleaned one out after unplugging, did the smell ever really get out and what did it take to clean it?

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