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  1. redjackson

    Gator question

    I have a used 07 gator 620i that has developed a popping noise in the drivers rear. It pops when weight is shifted while turning and when you let off the gas and it is decelerating. Before i google it just curious if anyone on here had similar issues.
  2. redjackson

    Corn mills

    Finally found one and it had a brother. Here they are. The red one does much finer without any adjustments. This is just some shelling corn we feed with.
  3. redjackson

    Invasive trees

    What do you all do with princess and tree of heaven trees? Cut down? Hack and squirt? Has anyone heard of a program via forestry department to help kill them?
  4. redjackson

    Fire wood

    Any one around Barren that needs a spot to cut some wood just let me know.
  5. redjackson

    Rest your garden?

    How many of you all rotate or rest your garden spots? If so how often?
  6. redjackson

    Wood Stoves

    Alright lets talk wood stoves. We live in a 30s farm house that im looking to install a small (1200 sq ft) wood stove. Already have a dual fuel system but looking for separate heat source. Pedestal style? It will be in a room of the house and would like a glass door.
  7. redjackson

    Beautiful day

    Man this little Savage is deadly. If i ever get my suppressor they wont have a chance.
  8. redjackson

    Meat equipment

    Barren county, $800 for the pair. Hobart grinder and butcher boy meat saw. 30a single phase 240v. Can send more pics if needed. Pulled them out of a grocery in Tennessee 4 years ago.
  9. redjackson

    What to do with logged woods

    Just like the title states any info on programs for reforestation? I have the great chance to purchase 51 acres that borders the family farm. The only kicker is the timber rights will be sold separately and it will be logged. I am sure they will take everything that isnt 12'' and smaller. Any...
  10. redjackson

    7.62x39 ammo for sale

    I have a sealed crate of M67 7.62x39 ammo for sale. Picture is exactly what i have and what current prices are plus shipping. Located in Barren price is $525.
  11. redjackson

    Pig weed

    Alright...other than continuing to hoe this spawn of satan out what can we do to eradicate this from the garden area? We been sacking it up after we hoe it out. Should we rest the garden area next year and napalm? Neighbors field is slap full of it and im sure that doesn’t help.
  12. redjackson

    New pond question

    Is there someone you can call about making sure it will hold? Anyone dug one lately that could help with a ballpark figure? Looking to price a 1/2 acre one.
  13. redjackson

    Shave Horse

    Had a good day in the shop. Made this with my 8 year olds help from time to time lol. Now just looking for some good old draw knifes and shaves.
  14. redjackson

    Lost my buddy

    My ole dog Ruger had to be put down today. She was 15 and a damn good dog. Never met a stranger and had more love than most creatures. RIP
  15. redjackson

    Mule deer question #2

    To all the guys that was able to go west and hunt mule deer, antelope, etc I have a gear question. What are the necessities you suggest taking with you? I know its a completely different animal than we are used to here. I greatly appreciate any insight.
  16. redjackson

    Dirty rotten chicken killer

    Got 3 of my birds....wont any more.
  17. redjackson

    North Dakota

    My old man is knocking on 70 and want to go on one good guided duck/goose hunt. He has pond hunted with me some, Sloughs and finally got drawn for Ballard. Do any of you all suggest anyone? Would like to take him on a trip north but not stuck on just ND. Im a novice at best myself thats had...
  18. redjackson

    Concrete floor

    Finally been able to build a garage/shop. Any suggestions for concrete sealing? Brand? Do’s and don’ts? Much appreciated.
  19. redjackson

    4 wheeler

    Looking to possibly get my boys (8-10) a small or mid size 4 wheeler for Christmas. If you have one your youngins out grew or you’d like to sell just let me know.
  20. redjackson

    Old farm tools

    Anyone have a cool way to display/store their old hand or farm tools? After seeing one bad arse axe collection made me wonder whats the best way to store mine in my future shop. Ideas?

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